Missionary Monday: Elder Lawson Serving In Honduras

Here is a letter that was sent home by Elder Lawson- reminding us all of the importance of member missionary work:

Hey Fam + Friends,

How’s everything at home?!  We had a pretty tough week this week here.  We’re struggling without the support of our ward.  Everyone wants to give us food but nobody wants to give us references.  I’m actually getting really sick of it.  All we want to do is teach.  They just keep telling us “no but they’re Catholic” or “No they do drugs” who cares!  Maybe right now they do drugs or are Catholic, but later they could be a super strong pilas member of the church!  You got to give them a chance!  We beg and beg for the members for references and all they give us is more and more food.  My new weight gain total is 15 pounds net and 25 pounds since I was in Choluteca.  I now weigh around 160.  Yuck.  We’ve resorted to knocking doors and haven’t had much success.  Everyone knows that contacting doesn’t work very well.   I can’t imagine what missionaries in the States do.  They must never have anything to do.  Poor guys.  

I think that is the number one thing I have learned on my mission is the importance of sharing the gospel.  Before I just read articles in the new era about kids who gave Books of Mormon to their friends and thought, wow how cool, maybe one of my friends will come up to me and ask me about the church and he can get baptized!  Haha, boy was I wrong.  That’s not how things work!  We can’t just sit and wait for the people that lack this gospel in their lives to ask us about it.  We need to confront them and tell them about it!  If we don’t we WILL hear about it on judgment day.  They will be suffering and come to us crying asking us why we never shared the most central part of our lives, the thing that makes us most happy, with them!  I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to find myself in that awkward situation… haha.  After the mission I’m gonna go 100% gospel sharing.  Because really, it’s not an optional thing, it’s a commandment to share the gospel with those around us.  So go out there and do it!  Stop giving those poor missionaries food, and give them what they really want, a friend!  And that way you can all be happy together with the new knowledge you all have.  🙂

This is a really cool video I want all of you to watch.  Together we can change the idea that missionary work is only for the missionaries!! (http://bcove.me/s54yqhi1)

Should be a fun week ahead, we’re going back out to Danli.  I’ll make sure to bring my camera this time!  It should be fun.  

Thanks to Grandma for the package and to the Armstrongs for the Christmas card!  

Love yous,

Elder Lawson

Elder Lawson is serving in the Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission from the Westridge Ward. For more information about his mission, you can visit his blog at http://elderlawsonhonduras.blogspot.com/.

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