Missionary Monday: Sister Oborn Serving In Reno, Nevada

Here are a couple of letters from Sister Oborn, written to her family here in HR:

How was your New Years?  

Our was pretty good.  We couldn’t do much.  If we didnt have a set appointment after dinner we had to return to our homes. So we got back home about 8:30pm. Then we cleaned a little bit then planned.  Not too exciting.  But we had an awesome “French Picnic” at the Giles home, and Dan joined us.  It was super fun and I was super full!  But we had a great time.

So it was baptism week!  This past Saturday our investigator Dan was baptized!  I just cannot tell you all how great it was to experience that.  We asked Dan later on how he felt and he said ” Words really can’t describe what I am feeling.”  AHH!  So such a great answer! Then as a surprise.. My companion and I and the other sister missionaries that we serve together in our ward.  We all sang a song.  My first time singing a song in a small group in church. It was really really good.  We had Richie record it so now I will soon have a copy of it. That was a rare experience. 

After the baptism Richie who was baptized about 4 months ago planned for everyone to have a brunch.  We had crepes GALORE! It was so so good too.  Alot of investigators showed up along with alot of Elders who are in our district.  Such a fun experience.

Sunday Jan. 5th, 2014  was confirmation day!  We had 4 confirmations and a baby blessing. So didn’t partake of the sacrament till about 11:45am.  Then we had just a few who were able to bare their testimonies.  Then in Sunday school our Ward Mission Leader asked Dan how he felt when we came out of the water and he said ” I felt clarity” Ahh! He just has such perfect simple answers. 

We got transfer calls last night.  Sister Toft and I are staying together for at least one more transfer.  The other Sisters Knight and Coy are being split up.. Its sad to seem them be apart but, they have been serving together in this area for over 6 months together. So they are pretty sad today.  But they are being separated for a  reason.  

Well we have a busy week ahead of us.  Gotta find more people who’s hearts are ready to hear and learn of the Gospel.

Love you all be safe in all that you do!

Sister Oborn
And one more:

Entering into week 8 here in Reno.  This week was one of the funnest weeks yet. 
This week  Sister Toft and I decided to ride our bikes. It has been soo nice here 
weather wise. Of course we live in the hilliest area in Reno.  So up and down the 
biggest hills all day is such a great workout!  Along with the burning of the 
muscles, there were some great laughs coming from both Sister Toft and I.  

Lesson wise, we had 30 lessons total this past week. Now looking back I don't 
even know how we are crawling into bed at night.  We have met some new potentials 
this past week though.  One of them her name is Allie, she is about 19 or 20. 
She is super nice and very open to learning more about our church.  

I was able to have authentic Indian food this past week at Pushpa's house. 
We were sitting down with a few dishes of different kinds of curry infront of us. 
As we were serving ourselves, Pushpa and her mom kept bringing more dishes out to
us!  There had to have been like 20 different dishes on the table.  Most of the 
dishes were so spicy! My mouth was on fire!! then once Pushpa and her mom sat 
down.  We found out that they were fasting that day, and that when they break 
their fast they only eat vegetarian dishes.  WHAT! haha here there are like 20 
different dishes and only like 4 of them are vegetarian.  Sister Toft and I did
the best that we could to eat what we could.  It was all super good though! 
And I asked why she made so much food for us. She said that in India when you 
have guests come over you make really big meals.  It was super nice of them to 
make this food for us but we definitely did not need all of that food for just 
2 of us who were eating. 

So yesterday Cleave and Gloria came to church! They are both in the late 70's, 
and they are both less active.  The CUTEST couple EVER! They remind me a lot of 
my mom and dad.  Cleave is white and has a fun stubborn personality, and Gloria 
is Spanish with a fun bubbly personality but helps everyone that she can no matter 
what.  So i think that is what my parents are going to end up looking like. I 
would be okay with that.     Anyways we have been talking to them about getting 
sealed in the Temple.  We have met with them every week.  But the past two weeks 
we have been talking to them about the Temple.  Each meeting was just amazing! 
They are both them are talking with one another and keeping their commitments 
that we give them each week.  This past week their commitment was for them to 
come to church.. AND THEY DID! They both enjoyed it and had great comments.  We 
are going to stop by this week and see how they are feeling.  

Well transfers are in 4 weeks. We decided to do a 40 fast in our ward. 
So each family that signs up.  We ask them to fast for that day that they are 
feeding us. They are going to be fasting for a missionary opportunity. 
Then at the end of the 40 days we are going to be holding a fireside and have a 
little testimony meeting.  So excited to see how that goes.  We started it all 
yesterday so we shall see! 

Well new and exciting things are coming! Love you all and miss you!

Sister Oborn

Sister Oborn is serving from the Northridge Ward in the Reno, Nevada mission.

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