Missionary Monday: Sister Stolk Serving In João Pessoa, Brazil

Hello Family and Friends!

Whoa.  I can´t believe another week has already passed by.  Time is flying like CRAZY.  I LOVE my area, Queimadas—it is really the coolest area ever.  I don´t ever want to move and I am praying that I will get to stay here for Christmas.
Queimadas has been a branch for about 8 years.  Last night we had a killer correlation meeting where our Branch President told us that we are the strongest group of missionaries to be in Queimadas and that we are really making history here!  It was amazing to hear that because for the last week or two, all four of us have been feeling like we are working REALLY hard, but no one wants to talk to us because we are Americans.  Eh, our Branch President said that we are doing things right though, which is really comforting.  I am pumped to help this branch become a ward.
This week was alright!  I truly learned so much.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were really hard.  I felt so exhausted.  We were doing everything right: being VERY obedient, working very hard, talking to EVERYONE, and having spiritual lessons, but we still didn´t have anyone who wanted to go to church and be baptized.  I was tired mentally, physically, and spiritually and truly didn´t know how we could change what we were doing.  I prayed very hard, cried a little bit, and thought a lot.  I truly received answers to my prayers and am seeing miracles.  I think I repeat this every week, but I KNOW that Heavenly Father is listening to us, and is ready to help us
This Sunday was a miracle.  We had 7 people at church yesterday and 6 of them want to be baptized (and can be baptized) in the next month.  WHOA.  I truly learned from my trials this week.  I learned that many times in order to receive blessings and see miracles, we need to humble ourselves in every way possible.  I like the quote from Grandma Julie that she gave me one time that says something like, ´´Many times to humble yourself, you have to bring yourself to your knees, pleading with Him in every way possible.  Through this you will come closer to Christ.  It will be hard, but it is worth any sacrifice that you might have to make.´´  Ehhh, the quote goes something like that.
Last of all, the subject of this email, ´´Every Week is Like the Playoffs`´.  It´s so true.  Sunday is like the playoffs.  We work all week to get people ready for church on Sunday.  Saturday night and Sunday morning we anxiously think and pray about who is going to come to church Sunday.  Once we arrive in the chapel for sacrament meeting, it´s game over.  Whoever you have there in the meeting is who can be baptized next Sunday.  These are the people who we will be teaching all next week.
Ok.  I gotta go now.  But I love you all and miss you!  Remember that it´s almost 100 degrees here when you´re drinking hot cocoa on a snow day!

 Sister Madison Stolk

Sister Stolk is serving from the Westridge Ward. For more information about her mission, you can visit her blog at http://madisonstolk.blogspot.com/

A Mother’s Hope: An Idea For Family Home Evening

Do you need a great discussion piece for Family Home Evening? This short video shares the story of Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s mother, who feared the train carrying her children during WWII left without her. This is a great video to share with your children and then have a discussion on family, love, prayer, and faith- or whatever the Spirit directs you to discuss!


Young Women’s March Madness

Congratulations to all the young women who played in the basketball tournament this last weekend! We hope you all had an enjoyable time and built friendships in the process!

Here’s the results of the tournament:

If you have pictures from the tournament that you would like to share, please e-mail them to highlandsranchmormons@gmail.com.