Missionary Monday: Sister Walton Serving In Chicago

This letter is a little old (from July), but is a great one from Sister Walton:
The weather this week was stellar missionary weather. Warm, cloud-cover, nice breeze- YES.
And we had a Zone Activity by the lake this week- there was a park and we played soccer and kick ball and cooked random things on a random grill for lunch. it was awesome 🙂
District Lunch at Giordanno’s

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday! In Spanish! And I didn’t embarass myself! (whaaaaat? Yes, that really did happen). It was great- I wrote it this week, and during language study, Hermana deLeon translated it for me. I helped translate maybe 5 words. It was on conversion 🙂 And then, we had a little mini miracle where we ran into an investigator of ours! She invited us in, and we weren’t prepared to teach her, so I (queen of improv, kind of), shared a scripture I really liked and shared a thought about it- in Spanish! All by myself! IT was great! 🙂 I am so grateful for the Lord and the help that I get with that kind of stuff. It truly is not my own. And it makes me really happy too. I’ve been in Spanish-speaking for 5 weeks, and I was able to lead a mini lesson AND I understand more and more every day! I only speak it in lessons and at church (I study and pray in portuguese when we do language study, and other than lessons everything else is in english). It gives me confidence and faith in the gift of tongues we receive when we pray and have a sincere desire to work and give our best. It also makes me feel better that I will be able to pick up portuguese quickly when I get to Brazil and am around it 24/7 and studying my brains out in it 🙂 It’s awesome
Edyn, Xochilt, and Angelica are doing great! They are all getting baptized this Saturday together. I am so excited for them, and I love them all SO MUCH. They are incredible. Xochilt is doing an amazing job at helping Angelica with her Book of Mormon reading and praying. They love sharing what they learn with others. We taught them the Law of Chastity, and Xochilt and Angelica even shared that with their younger sisters! Sweeeeeeet 🙂 Haha and they are such great little missionaries- Xochilt and Angelica have been reading the children’s Book of Mormon with their neighbor friend, Katie and she really likes it. Hopefully we will be able to teach Katie and her family sometime soon! 🙂 Oh, and we showed them all the Living Scriptures on YouTube. Flash back to the max- I was raised on those. I love them so much 🙂
I love the culture here. 95% of the people we talk to are Mexican. The food is hot and spicy and delicious. They are some of the most giving people ever. I love it. I never want to leave! But I know I’ll have to 😛 Dang. Oh well, I’ll love it while I’m here!
We have 9 other progressing investigators, which is pretty huge. They are all doing stellar, and I love them all, and I love working with them! I focused on a couple different things this week: Listening, Asking Questions, and looking for Miracles. At our District Meeting last week, we talked about listening and asking questions- it made a world of difference in our lessons and we are more able to understand our investigators needs. And looking for Miracles just makes the work better- it lightens the load and helps you remember whos work this is, and that it’s all a big blessing 🙂 
I learned A TON from the April 2012 Ensign- David A Bednar had an article in it about the enabling power of the Atonement. it was AMAZING. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone reading this. It really makes a difference in missionary work, and how you can better accomplish it. 
If the youth want to start working on preparing for a mission, have them read PMG. If they aren’t sure where to start, invite them to start in the Christlike Attributes section, and to study each of the attributes. Pick an attribute and spend a week on it. It’s amazing, and it will help them prepare in many different ways. 
I love being on a mission, its been an incredible week. I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunity I have to serve God and move forward the work. I am continually grateful for the help I receive, teh people I meet, and the miracles I am able to see and be a part of. I love it so much!! Have an amazing week because I sure will 🙂
Love Always,

Hermana Walton

Chicago Mission at the Cubs Post Game Photo —  (Hayley is 6  rows from front – 8 in from the left)     

Sister Walton is serving from the Summit View Ward. She was called to serve in Brazil, but is currently serving in Chicago as she waits for her Visa to go through. You can visit her blog at: sisterhayleywalton.blogspot.com

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