A Beautiful Baby Blessing!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes that children should be baptized when they reach the age of accountability- age 8. When babies are born, they are given a blessing instead of being baptized. For more information, you can visit HERE (a link to byu.edu that describes the various blessings given in our church) or HERE (a Wikipedia article that explains the practice of blessing a baby).

Baby T. from the Saddle Ranch Ward was recently blessed.  On contemplating this special occasion, his mother wrote:

“I always look forward to my children’s blessing days for the sweet spirit that comes with it. These babies are fresh from our Heavenly Father’s presence. He is the Father of their spirits, and knows them so well. He loves them and knows their potential and their abilities. I see so clearly on their blessing days how I am simply a steward. I do all I can to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help enable them to make the choices that will lead to eternal life.
As I sit and listen to the blessing, I consider it a preview into the child that I am rearing. I listen both to the words of the blessing, and the spirit that I feel. I ask Heavenly Father what He would have me know and do for this precious child of His. I have had some strong impressions that I come back to for years after the blessing, as I remember who I have in my home. I take note of the things that are said and the thoughts that I have, and record them in a journal for both my sake and for my children themselves.

I also appreciate blessing days for the good reminder of the eternal nature of families. Babies don’t know or remember who comes to their blessing day. However, it is sweet for me to watch the people who are tied to each other for eternity gather from distant homes and locations to bless a baby as he begins his mortal journey. What a welcome!”

Thank you for sharing your special day with us, and we wish Baby T all the best for a wonderful future!

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