Missionary Monday: Elder Mason Scott Serving In Boston, Massachusettes

 Ok everyone to start of this email I want to say that I have learned a lot this week and what I have learned is really changing my mindset on everything. I can’t explain what has happened but I sure can testify to anyone and everyone right now that this Church is true and contains the True Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth.
So this week has been slow like the previous week due to the snow and weather again but miracles have happened, be it in the work we are doing or in my own life.  On Thursday, we set a goal to get out of this “RUTT” we are in by getting a new investigator.  We didn’t know what we were going to do, but we wanted one.  We had some media referrals that we had yet to go and visit, but out here people just want us to come to literally slam the door in our face…it’s so annoying. But we were like let’s just visit these. One of them stood out because we had two copies of the referral, because it was sent two different times…and we were like ok, let’s go there first. So we did, and we get to the building and its one of those where you press the button and they have to physically buzz you in…And as everyone knows, these rarely work. So we buzz it and we wait and wait and wait and then right before we leave, we hear a buzz and the door was unlocked. Woot woot! so we were surprised by this, but we went upstairs…and we knocked on the door. and we introduce ourselves…and her reply goes as follows….”Finally you guys are here, Alan Osmond told me you guys were going to come soon”, and this Alan Osmond is Donny’s older brother….so now we have a new investigator and her name is Ann. It’s so awesome, but we learned that media referrals should not be taken lightly because they work. That is my big miracle of the week.
To turn toward the spiritual side of things, I want to talk about trials in our lives. we all have mountains to climb in all aspects of our lives.  We go through so many things each day that affect us so much more than we can realize. Think of our lives as a ball of clay. When we are born we are a perfect ball…and when we turn 8 years old that ball start to form into something. now, every experience and trial in our lives mold us and bump us and scrape us and squish us and do all manner of things to us, good or bad, but by the end of our lives this ball of clay is shaped like a person. Now we can be hit and hit and hit and our clay can be really ugly formed and as we give in to these bad things, we let other things damage us. our ball of clay becomes nothing like the person we need and want to become.  but the atonement of Jesus Christ can fix us. as we repent and show faith in our redeemer, our clay can be molded into that person we should be. no matter what happens in life our clay can be “fixed” because we have a Savior who loves us so much and a Father in heaven who loves so much. Now we must always be ready for trials and embrace them because trials can mold us into that person we need to be as well. trials are opportunities in disguise to become better people. There are always blessings that come from trials, and it can be hard to see them but we must do our best to see them.

I have an investigator that asked us why bad things happen to good people? and Also asked myself the question of why do good things happen to good people? the answer to these questions are related as i thought about the answer to these q’s. Now I have realized that good people in order to stay good and show their love for people and others and to stay on the path of righteousness, they must undergo something that proves their faith and maybe self-worth too. people must be tried to test their loyalty and also so that they know how bad things can get so they know to stay away from it. good things only come from trials…as long as we seek those good things when we are amidst these trials. Good things happen to bad people because these bad people are still children of God. these people are given a chance be better people and this helps those people to realize that they have potential to be good people and when they return to their “bad ways” they remember and they do all that they can to get back to that. I firmly believe that people can become better than they already are. 

Good and bad things happen to everyone and they make us who we are. we should always seek to be better versions of ourselves and not worry about what happens to everyone else. We can’t change what happens to them or us but what we can do is do those things that help us become better versions of our selves. i was told recently that it is ok to “Righteously judge”, but it is not our duty to judge anybody, in anything. We are to do our best in everything and we will be those people God wants us to be. Granted we are to care for our brothers and sisters, but we need not judge not compare ourselves with them.  I don’t know if this makes sense but i know that all things happen for a reason and that reason is to bless us

I love everyone and am grateful for my Mission. i am doing good with everything and don’t worry about me.  All i need is a rugby ball, some aveeno lotion, and my pillow(jk about the pillow).
All is well
Elder Mason Scott
Be Better not bitter
Elder Scott is serving from the Westridge Ward. For more information about him and his mission, you can visit his blog at: http://scott-boys-mission-adventures.blogspot.com/

One thought

  1. Hi Elder Scott…..
    Your letter is terrific! I love the “ball of clay” discussion. Reminds me of a church book by Sister Camille Fronk entitled “In the Hands of the Potter” LOVED it.
    I have a great article to share with you about “Why Bad things Happen At All”. It was part of a discussion in a Relief Society lesson a few weeks ago (By John Sutton Welch, BYU studies 42, no.2 (2003). I met 2 wonderful sisters serving in the Littleton Stake in your mission about 3 weeks ago! wish I had had a care package for you. Keep up the good work and know that you are in our prayers. Spring in Boston will be lovely!


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