Missionary Monday: Sister Cattich Serving In Dallas, Texas

My goodness family and friends this work is truly the work of Heavenly Father. This week we had the privilege to have Elder Ellis from the Seventy here for a mission tour. We had an 7 hour training by him and his wife, and it was amazing. He really focused on having faith and his wife focused on, “Are we having fun yet?” The mission experience should really be enjoyable!! It shouldn’t be “endure to the end”, it should be “enjoy to the end!” He also focused on how he is just a messenger, and what he says is inspired by Heavenly Father for our mission. I wish I could just share everything that he said, but I have it all written down in my notes. The missionaries in this mission are wonderful and I have some amazing leaders. Everyday just brings a new experience and although some days are longer than others, I still go to bed every night so tired, but wake up ready to go again.

The weeks are starting to fly by now, and it is not okay! This week we receive transfer calls. I am 99% sure that I am staying here, unless there is something crazy that happens. I hope I stay in Plano for awhile. I feel like I will be here for at least 3 transfers. It is just such an amazing town. I wish I had more to write about, but just know that all is well and that I know this is exactly where I need to be.

Funny story this week, so I was on the phone with some members and I was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen and I picked up a pot and there was about a 4 inch long cockroach inside of it. It was red and ugly. I am not even kidding. I started to freak out a little but I had to keep my cool on the phone. I had never seen one what big. After I hung up the phone my companion and I spent quite awhile trying to trap it and get it outside. This nice man that is our neighbor came over and asked if we needed any help. After we got it outside, Hermana Munyer turns to me and says, ” I forgot to tell you that the bugs here are huge when it starts to warm up.” So I am excited to see what this Spring season has in store for me.

Love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Cattich

Sister Cattch is serving from the Northridge Ward. For more information about her and her mission, you can visit her blog at http://hermanacattich.blogspot.com/.

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  1. Thank you to the Stake Public affairs committee for arranging this forum to hear what our many missionaries are doing, and how the work is progressing, around the world. We have some amazing young men and women serving from our stake, particularly in this new TIDE of missionary work.


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