Daniels Park Celebrates FIVE Eagle Scouts!

Daniels Park recently had the priviledge of honoring five young men as they earned their Eagle Scout Awards! Congratulations to these fine young men! Here is what these young men did in order to receive this great honor:

Brady P.

Brady P.’s Eagle Project involved creating 65 blankets for children in need.  Brady worked with managers of the Ronald McDonald House.  The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver provides a home away from home for families of children being treated at area hospitals.  The blankets will provide warmth and comfort for families as they wait for their children to return to good health.

Ethan L.

Ethan L.’s Eagle Project involved a landscaping project for Redstone Elementary Garden.  His project included designing the flower beds, researching plants that would be strong in Colorado’s climate, securing donations and executing his design.  On the work days, Ethan lead a group of volunteers through several jobs.  These included tilling the ground, installing edging, planting of shrubs and flowers and mulching the beds.  


Cameron W.

Cameron W.’s Eagle Project included painting fencing around the gardens at Heritage Elementary, painting a chicken coop and chicken run at Heritage Elementary and constructing and painting new garden signs at Heritage Elementary.


Spencer J.

Spencer J.’s Eagle Project involved building a Chicken Run for Heritage Elementary School.  In 2013 Heritage Elementary’s “Farm Committee” (which was a group of 5th grade students and their Health Teacher) had a goal to raise chickens in their School’s community garden.  To help fulfill this goal, Spencer designed and constructed a chicken run which today supports 12 chickens.

Jake H.


(From Left:  Cameron W., Ethan L., Jake H., Brady P. and Spencer J.)
Once again, congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing your accomplishment with us, and being such good examples in our community!

Missionary Monday: Elder Chipman Serving In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hola Todos                                                                                         Feb 9, 2014

It’s been another great week in San Francisco with a few changes. I have a new companion named Elder ____, from North Carolina. I think we will get along really well! He plays the harmonica too. He knows how to play Piano Man on the Piano and harmonica at the same time! He has been about a year on the mission, but came the same day I did to Argentina because of Visa Problems. I’ve only known him for about 4 hours, but I know its going to be a good transfer.

We went to the temple just because the President said that we could go. The mission assigned our district a day and time and we went and enjoyed a session. I hope we can do that quite often. It was so nice to go just to feel the spirit. I Just got to sit and reflect on my life at the moment and feel peace. It was really nice.

I´m actually really happy. Sure it’s hard, but nobody said that I couldn’t be happy and have a trial at the same time. Missions are hard things because I miss being comfortable and at home, but then again, I´m learning so much. The days are going by me as if they are hours, and the weeks go by like days. It’s really weird.

That being said, the rain hasn’t really stopped, but we are navigating through the mud and puddles fairly well. We received a referencía from a member on Thursday. Her name is Ramona and she is super prepared. We taught her about prayer and the member that is her friend bore her testimony about prayer, by the end of the testimony both the member and Ramona were crying. Always a good sign.

We also plan on having a baptism on Saturday. Pablo came to church on Sunday, so he is finally ready to make that covenant with our Father in Heaven.

We had an interesting experience on Friday. We were just straightening things up in the pench before we headed out for the day and out of no where, the shelves where we kept our food collapsed. There was soy sauce and corn flakes everywhere. Talk about a mess. Then about 5 minutes later, our desk broke sending our books to the floor. Talk about remodeling. Anyway after a morning of cleaning, we got it all figured out.

Funny story: I was talking to a member on Sunday at church and he just pointed behind me. When I looked, I saw President Thurgood. I guess he decided to have a surprise visit in San Francisco. It was cool! He´s a really nice and loving man. We had an investigator there with us so it was all good!

Hope all is well at home, stay warm. I know God lives and Jesus is the Savior of the world. Never forget that. He is always by our sides. And he will never leave. No matter what we do and say, he will always be there, inviting us back that we, through his sacrifice, can return to live with him again. I love you and hope all is well at home. I still pray for you, so don´t worry, you´ve got blessings coming your way. It just might be delayed because I´m in Argentina, but they will come =)

Elder Chipman

Elder Chipman is serving from the Highlands Ranch Ward. For more information about him and his mission, you can visit his blog at: http://elderstephenchipman.blogspot.com/

Community Sacrament Meeting!

This Sunday, April 27th, President Hillier of the Denver mission has asked members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to invite their neighbors and friends to sacrament meeting.

Every week visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings, but on this day President Hillier is asking that we all make a special effort to invite someone to church. We hope you will join in this wonderful opportunity!

If you are not a member of our faith and would like to attend a worship service and learn a little more about us, you can come to one of our church buildings- and as mentioned above, you are always welcome. Here’s where we are located:

There are two buildings located in the same parking lot at this address:
9800 Foothills Canyon Boulevard
Highlands Ranch 80129

Worship services are held at 9 AM, 11 AM, and 1 PM

Another building is located here:

4195 E Wildcat Reserve Pkwy 
Highlands Ranch 80126
Worship services are held at 9 AM and 11 AM at this location 

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below or e-mail highlandsranchmormons@gmail.com.