Missionary Monday: Elder Weston Scott Serving In Anaheim, CA

Hey Friends!

Wassssssup? This week was crazy! Oh my Gosh! Wow! This week we learned a lot about finding people to teach. Personally I learned about building my own testimony. The 3 key points that I learned this week for a lasting conversion and to continue to learn are as follows : 1. Read the Book of Mormon, 2. Pray, and 3. Go to church. These three things are what I have learned about for the past 19 years of my life. Huh, can I take a hint maybe? They are so important to having a lasting conversion. Do all you can and then after will God and Jesus Christ make up the rest. 🙂 I love this Gospel!
Monday – We had transfers which were crazy! Oh man! That was such a long day! Whew!
Tuesday – Normal day, except for the fact that I did emails because we did not have time on P-day to do them. That was ridiculous! 🙂 We had so much to do! But we got some good studies done, and taught one lesson on Facebook. That was fun! We also taught one of our investigators named A….. That was the first time Elder Etchart and I taught together. Interesting, we are pretty good together. It was pretty good!
Wednesday – We did our studies and used Facebook to try to confirm an appointment that we had originally. That was interesting, but we got pizza for dinner! Oh man, that was good. I have not had pizza for so long, almost 14 weeks. Whew! That was awesome!
Thursday – We had out District meeting, in which Elder Etchart and I were asked to demonstrate a finding situation like a street contact in front of President Bowen. That was fun….. Oh man, we did okay, our Spanish is still coming along, needs a lot more work though! That was fun, then we had subway for lunch, though it wasn’t (Fresh!) that good. 
Friday – We got our I-pads. That is right. I said it. We had a 4 hKour meeting that morning, and then had studies to do , and weekly planning. Basically we are removing all paper from the mission. Our planners and area books are now the I-pads. The I-pads are locked down too. They are under this App. called AirWatch, and it is a big brother app. It is a one-strike policy, so yeah pretty scary. But basically we have 3 weeks to put all of our area book information into the I-pads, and we can no longer use planners. It is all I-pad. It is so hard! It takes forever to plan, might I tell you. Wow! It is hard to use the Ipads, because especially in my area, I have the 2nd most dangerous area in the mission. There are literally shots fired almost every night. I do not want to carry an Ipad with me on the streets. But that is what they are asking of us. I miss physical copies of the scriptures too. I can not find anything any more….. 🙂 But yeah, I have an I-pad, I feel cool now….. 🙂 
Saturday – We had our ward coordination meeting, and then had language study with Doctor Swenson, he is awesome, we learned a ton! We also pretty much used the Ipads all day to get used to them. There was a wedding that we went to ! That was cool!  And that is pretty much it! I also got a nap in during lunch! YES!
Sunday – Ward council at 7am, so I got up at 5:30am. That was fun. Church started at 9am, and it was awesome, I understood a ton! I am getting a lot better at Spanish! Yes! I am loving it here! Church was just awesome, even though we get into a pickle a lot about what is doctrine and what is opinion, because a lot of people have their own ideas.
This week rocked! Every once in a while we will hit a bump on the road. It doesn’t matter, get over the bump and keep going! We will always be able to keep going with the help from our Savior Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father. “Just keep swimming.”
I love my mission. I am doing my best our here, and now especially with the responsibility of using I-pads, I am going to work and try even harder. Thank you for all of your support. I am sorry that my email was so short this week. My bad!  Next week will be extra long! 🙂 Thanks for everything!
Your favorite missionary,

Elder Weston Scott

Elder Scott is serving in Anaheim, CA mission. For more information, you can visit his blog at: http://scott-boys-mission-adventures.blogspot.com/

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