Missionary Monday: Sister Annie Craig Serving In Brazil

Family!!! Friends!!! People!

This week was….great!! Well, not for my companion. This week started out a bit rough. She was super sick for the first couple of days. So we really didn’t have the opportunity to work. My poor companions body is just falling apart. Just kidding…she is doing a lot better now! Those American drugs work wonders, ya hear? 

But our first normal day, we had this plan to go and visit every single investigator. We planned sooooooo good for that day, everything detailed, and ready. Because we had missed so much, that we wanted to work and visit a lot. So lunch finishes, and we got dropped off back at our apartment. We were picking up things, when our District Leader calls. The assistants have given a challenge for our zone. Go out and invite, and then later confirm 25 people for church. My companion hangs up the phone, and we sat there. We aren’t teaching 25 people, we have no new investigators this week due to lack of work…..what?!?!! All 4 sisters sat there, like…how are we going to do this. When finally it hit us. Every sister take 15 pamphlets and lets just station ourselves in an area and talk with everyone. So we start writing number and addresses on the back of the pamphlets and getting ready to do this. As we are doing this..it just starts pouring, thunder, lightening. It was horrible. And my companion says, to be funny, “Its like we need to fast or something!!!” As soon as she said that, the rain stops. We all just looked at each other, stood up, went to our separate corners/rooms and started fasting. We walk out and its completely sunshine!!! Haha, so we finished with the pamphlets. But we still haven’t decided where we should this? Where is it gonna be busy? We prayed, and at the end, we all said somewhere completely different. We prayed again, and after my companion and I said Metro…but the others thought no. So we prayed again. This time, Sister Melo asked not where should we go…but if the Metro was where we needed to be. And right after she asked that in the prayer, it was just silent….and it was made clear that Metro was where we needed to be. We finished that prayer and just stared at each other…like “Did you all feel that?????” The spirit was incredibly moving then. 

We headed for the metro, with the goal that we cant leave until each and every pamphlet is out of our Hands. Which meant for me, that I was going to have to talk to people ALONE. Without S. Tanaka helping!! Haha, I mean what? I kind of freaked out….but as I started talking, and the people responded, and I understood…I calmed down. I realized that the Lord’s hand is in everything. He is going to guide me, because I am helping his Children take one step closer to him. And that is exactly what happened. With every person I talked to, whether they were open and receptive or not, I felt growth, I felt his love…I felt comforted. And I knew that it was because the Lord was there. I may have physically been alone, without my companion, but I had a companion on my side. Standing next to me, it was my Savior. I know it. I felt it. 

Sister Craig is serving from the Highlands Ranch Ward. For more information, you can visit her blog by clicking HERE.

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