Missionary Monday: Elder Layne Serving In Lubbock, TX

Here is a recent letter from Elder Layne:

Hello friends and family,
This was an amazing week for us. We had an appointment with a good man named Travis. He is 50 years old, trying to get his Master’s here on the Sul Ross campus in Alpine, TX, and he is so into our discussions and learning, but is a struggle to catch home. He studies all day, works all night, and it’s rare that we get to see him. Somehow we caught him and he decided to set an appointment on his day off for 8 at night. We showed up to his dorm and called him about 6 times to no avail. Either he was asleep or his phone was, couldn’t tell. We waited and waited and nothing seemed to help. We were thrilled at the idea of teaching him the plan of salvation and inviting him to church. He had previously told us he had never felt the Spirit in a church and didn’t think he would in ours, either. He’s more of a spiritual fisher than a spiritual church goer. We had a great, inspired lesson planned for him but now our hope was fading with no access to the dorms since we have no student key. Well, I looked at my companion and said, “Elder, let’s pray. God will open something up for us.” We humbly bowed our heads under the fading light sky, in the middle of a college campus. At “amen” my companion looked up and said, “let’s try around back.” We walked up to the back door which was securely locked as all the rest. Disappointed, we were about to walk away when my companion said. Wait one second. He reached for the door and upon touching the handle, the technological system clicked and shifted and the door popped open. In amazement we rushed forward, found Travis’ room, woke him up, taught him, invited him to church and praised God in the heavens for opening this door. Last week he came to church and said “if the Lord’s church really is on the earth, it would be yall’s. I’ve never felt anything like that. Is it alright if I come back?” 
My dear friends and family, the lesson has been learned.
May He open yours to whatever you may need. Let us all begin with a prayer. 
Elder Layne 

Elder Layne is serving from the Roxborough Ward.

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