Missionary Monday: Sister Christensen Serving In Lisbon, Portugal

Here is a recent letter from Sister Christensen:

Olá todos,

This week we had transfers, and I…. am staying in Évora for 6 more weeks and finishing up the training with Sister Brothersen! I am soo excited! I will have officially served the maximum that is allowed in an area in our mission (4 transfers, almost 6 months of my mission). WOOHOO! 

This week I got sick for the first time in my mission. However, we saw a huge miracle because of it. Tuesday I really just wanted to get out and work, but was bed-ridden with the flu. That night at about 6:30 I was feeling a little bit better and so we left and got to work. We left praying, “please, help us find a family tonight.” So, we knocked a lot of doors and really no one listened. With 20 more minutes, we knocked on the door of a family. They were SUPER receptive and literally the mom said, ” I just would like to know which church is true. There are so many churches.” I love it when they say this! 

Long-story-short this family is super special. They all went to church yesterday, are reading the Book of Mormon, and we have a Family Night with them tonight in a member´s home (with our convert, Sandro as well). The really cool part of this experience – when we got home that night I immediately felt sick again. I was up all night sick and slept the next day. Miracles happen (I was able to stay healthy for the day)! I felt incredible when we were knocking doors! 

Anyway, Jessica from our family will be baptized this weekend along with another 10-year-old who´s family we are teaching. He´s already been to church a lot and loves it, so his mom gave him permission to be baptized. I love this work. It is seriously so special and great to see the differences in the lives of people.

Loved this quote of the week: “The way you feel in the temple is a pattern for how you want to feel in your life.” – Elder Andersen, Maio 2014. 

I know this work is real. I know we can always do this work every day of our lives, whether we have a nametag or not! I am so grateful for the gospel and how happiness in this life is truly dependent on our personal obedience to the commandments. 

Love you all and have the BEST week of your entire lives! 🙂

Sister Christensen
Sister Christensen is serving from the Saddle Ranch Ward. You can visit her blog by clicking HERE.

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