Savior of the World Tickets Still Available!

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE! Don’t miss out on Savior of The World.

PLEASE trade / resell ANY tickets you can’t use. There are people who want tickets.
Please use HRBB to help with exchanging tickets. If you are not on it, ask a few friends in your ward, they can help you.

The remaining tickets will be available via email at first come, first serve.
Tickets will be held at a will call and you will need to bring exact change or check, to get the tickets the day/night of your performance.

Arrive early Please.

Tickets still available: $5.00 per ticket

Nov 30th Sunday SOLD OUT
Dec 4th Thursday, 7:00pm 76
Dec 5th Friday, 7:00pm 11 single seats only
Dec 6th Saturday, 2:00pm 103
Dec 6th Saturday, 7:00pm 9 total, one set of 3 and then single seats only

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