Savior of the World: Part One

Those of us who saw Savior of the World experienced a beautiful and spiritual rendition of the Savior’s life. Those who participated in Savior of the World experienced a life changing production which created memories to last a lifetime, a strengthening of testimonies, and forever friendships.

The cast and crew put in tens of thousands of hours of their personal time to create this memorable performance. Every Wednesday over the next few weeks we will feature some of the behind-the-scene highlights that made the performance such a tremendous experience for all who participated.

Today we are posting pictures from  the cast and crew as they prepared for the performance. We are also including some testimonies of cast and crew members. We hope you enjoy!

These pictures are courtesy of professional photographers Janine Rust and Joel Hill.

“Once rehearsals became long and frequent, people asked, “Won’t you be glad when it’s over and you have your life back?”  The truth is that the Savior of the World will always be part of my life.  The play is an extension of Him.  The sacrifice of time to be in the cast has brought me closer to Him, and He in turn has come closer to me.  Is that not the definition of sacrifice, giving up something good for something better?  To that add laughter, friendships, missionary discussions, and a Christmas season filled with musical praise.  It has been an honor to be in the show with such exceptional leadership, vision, and meaning.”

“Where do I begin? It has been such an honor and privilege for me to be a part of this show! I’ve been blessed to get to know so many great members of our stake. I’m amazed by the talent and spirit of our great directors, and by their willingness to give so much of themselves. It’s truly inspiring to be a part of something that takes so many people to be successful. I love how everyone works together to do their part. We really are a big family and it makes me think of how things must be in Heaven.”

“I cannot express the blessing and joy it has been for my entire family to be a part of this play.  It is a mother’s dream to see them each blossom in their own way and look forward to the practices in their own teenage way and watching their testimonies grow has been amazing.  Personally I could not get enough of the practices and felt the spirit every week.  To experience this together is something I never could have even thought to ask for but it has been such a treasure.  On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we went to Salt Lake and did baptisms as a family there in the temple and then walked by the Christus and ate dinner at the Lion House before going to the performance there at the conference center. That seemed to bring the whole play into full circle.  Just being together and feeling the love of the Savior has helped heal our family from the hard things we’ve gone through with my husband’s accident.  We’ve been through so much but as I watch the resurrection scene I am reminded again and again that our family will be whole and has the opportunity to be together forever in love and peace if we come to the Savior.”

Savior of the World has been an awesome experience for me!  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I feel like I have come to know the Lord better.  I have also come to know those who knew Him personally when he ministered upon the Earth. Both of these things have strengthened my testimony.”

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