Stepping Up To Serve!

Rachel B. from the Westridge Ward found a serious problem and decided to do something to fix it.

The problem: A school full of impoverished children. Her solution: Step up to help them.

Here are her words:

Lately I have felt overwhelmed by the amount of sad things happening to children.  I have come to the conclusion that instead of being a helpless bystander, it is time to add joy to the lives of children. 

Here’s what I’m going to do:  give every child at Crawford Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado, a book for Christmas.

Why Crawford?
Through her church, one of my co-workers has helped establish a food pantry that works exclusively with the school. Crawford has 699 students, 89.7% of which are on the free/reduced lunch program. Many of these kids don’t get enough to eat. Some are homeless.

Why books for Christmas?
Every child should get a book for Christmas.


Rachel got to work. She raised close to $1400 and then went bargain shopping at the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale. She also collected food items so that the children would not go hungry over Christmas break.

She organized a wrapping party to get the presents wrapped. Then yesterday she took everything to Crawford- along with Santa!- and brought Christmas to almost 700 children who deserved a Christmas miracle.

 Buying 700 books at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale

Santa with the volunteers who went to Crawford to distribute the books:

Food items donated for the children:

Thank you, Rachel, for reminding us that we don’t need to wait for a program or a person to serve those around us! We all have the power to step up and change the world in our own sphere of influence.

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