Savior of the World: Part 2- Rehearsals

The cast and crew of Savior of the World put in countless hours of rehearsals. As you can see, however, in addition to all of the hard work there were a lot of laughs!

These pictures are courtesy of professional photographers Janine Rust and Joel Hill.

I often prepared for the show by reciting lines and practicing songs on the Light Rail traveling to work.  People would watch me and I would invite them to read the script with me.  My kids also practiced lines with me at home, and learned the part faster than I did (both a humbling and motivating experience)!”

“The greatest blessing for me [in participating in this show] has been the added closeness I feel with my Savior. I may be different from most people in this, but I have always felt it easier to have a close relationship with my Father in Heaven that with my Savior. Perhaps because I have the opportunity to speak with my Father directly through prayer, and have had many opportunities to feel him supporting me through both difficult and joyous times in my life. I’ve been praying since I was a teenager to be able to gain a closer relationship with my Savior and a greater understanding of his Atonement. This experience has been an opportunity for Heavenly Father to answer my prayers. Through the inspiration of our leaders in challenging us to read more about His life, and through feeling the Sprit that is so strong in our rehearsals & performances as we testify of Christ, I feel a new level of closeness to Him. I’m so grateful for this experience, and for the opportunity I’ve been given to share my testimony of my Savior. I could not have asked for or anticipated such blessings!”

I still don’t have all my musical notes memorized but I keep trying. The effort and time put into this production exceeded my expectations but the outcome and how good I feel about this production has exceeded my expectations also. Our entire family has at some point been involved with most of us being at every practice and production. The house is messy, the laundry piling up and we eat out a lot more than usual because we are all in with the play but we are good, in fact we are all happy. I hear my wife humming the tunes and making phone calls to get props, I hear our daughter coordinating with my wife about when props need to come on/off stage, I hear our son talking about how much he has enjoyed being in with the audio team and how he now wants to sign up for a High School play and do something similar; it warms my heart to think how many blessings this production has brought to our family. Has there been stressful times? Yes! There have been blissful times too.”

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