Savior of the World Part 5: More Production Pictures

Today we present more pictures of the production. Interspersed in between the pictures are some comments from audience members.

For more pictures previously posted on this blog, please click. HERE.

These pictures are courtesy of professional photographers Janine Rust and Joel Hill.

“Highlands Ranch Stake has done a fabulous job and such a professional performance!  Countless names I am sure, but a standing ovation and accolades to all!  Those little ones were so well behaved and your voices were just beautiful!  Thank you for adding to the Christmas Season.”

I’m still vibrating with excitement from your performance last night. So many scriptures pulled into one drama. So many tender,sweet, loving interactions! My testimony of angels, prophets, resurrection, the Savior being the son of the Highest, and of the way Heavenly Father announces great events to His children–all these principles were there to reconfirm our testimonies. What an amazing sight you all were. The sound of the chorus, the joy of the dancers and the sight of families together in ancient and modern times all added to this great production. I feel like we all, including my neighbors, were flooded with light and truth! Tell everyone thanks and give them hugs.”

“It really is amazing!  You have done an incredible job on it”

 “I got tickets and saw tonight’s show.  It was really, really well done.  I highly recommend making it a top priority for everyone.  It is such a great way to start off the Christmas season with such a wonderful musical about Jesus Christ.  Go, invite friends, and enjoy!”

“Another wonderful night at the play—we felt the spirit strong—I had lots of goose bumps and tears!  Thanks you Savior of the World cast and crew!

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