Project Linus=Project Success!

Despite the snow, family and friends from both the LDS faith and Pax Christi came together to make beautiful blankets to be given to children in crisis. Project Linus has distributed millions of blankets throughout the world. What an inspiring program to be able to participate in!

For more information about Project Linus, click HERE.

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Coming Up: Stake Conference

Brothers and Sisters,

Please come and enjoy our spring 2015, Highlands Ranch Colorado Stake Conference. It will be held Saturday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1.

We are pleased to have Elder Donald Deshler (of the Seventy) presiding at all sessions. 

Please be in your seats 10 minutes prior to each session begining to allow the sprit to be with each of us. 

Note: We will not be broadcasting Conference to the Colorado Building on Sunday March 1.

Saturday, February 28

4 pm Priesthood Leadership Meeting

Location: Highlands Ranch Stake Center

Activity Days!

Recently the stake Primary held our stake activity days baby-sitting clinic for all ll-year-old girls. There were 43 girls that attended.  They rotated classes of basic care, basic CPR, basic play and decorated a bag to start their babysitting kit.  Afterwards the girls enjoyed lunch.
Thank you to everyone involved with making this such a successful and wonderful activity!