Stake Temple Night This Thursday!


Ward Temple Day, for each ward in our Stake, is Thursday, March 12th.

As a Stake Presidency, we encourage you to attend the Temple on Thursday night and bring a friend that may not have been in while.

President Benson said at the dedication of the Denver Temple in October 1986:

The saints in this temple district will be better able to meet their trials. Your families will be protected; your children safeguarded.

January Assignments:

Laundry Workers:
Morning shift (8 am – noon) 2 workers from Summit View
Evening shift (4 pm- 8 pm) 2 workers from Westridge

Sealing Assignment:
Heritage Park and Highlands Ranch (Each Organization or Ward is to have 6 Sisters & 6 Brothers, arrive at the Sealing Office between 6:00 & 6:30 pm)

Initiatory Assignment:
5 Brothers and 5 Sisters from Spring Gulch and Saddle Ranch (6:00 or 7:00 pm)

Chapel Session:
Roxborough Ward – please have at least 20 members of the Ward present at 6:00 pm in the Chapel.

Endowment Schedule:
Daniels Park 6:30 pm
Falcon Park 6:00 pm
Heritage Park 5:00 pm
Highlands Ranch 7:30 pm
Northridge 7:00 pm
Roxborough 6:30 pm – Chapel Session at 6 pm
Saddle Ranch 6:00 pm
Spring Gulch 5:00 pm
Summit View 7:30 pm
Westridge 7:00 pm

There are 2 early morning sessions each month – 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 5:30 am, what a great way to start the day.

If you have Family File names and would like help from our stake members in completing the temple work on Ward Temple Day, we invite you to bring the cards to the temple office and put them in the Highlands Ranch Colorado Stake box, which will be available on the second Thursday of each month for Ward Temple Day. You can pick up the names any time after they are completed in the usual location according to normal temple procedures.

Stake Members who are willing to do Temple Work with Family File Names:

As you arrive at the temple, stop at the office and pick up Family File cards from the Highlands Ranch Colorado Stake box, which will be there on the second Thursday of each month for Ward Temple Day. After the work is completed, the cards will be returned to the office, recorded, and returned to the person who submitted the name in the usual fashion. You do not need to make any special arrangements to return them unless you are unable to complete the work that day, in which case you can return the card to the stake box before leaving the temple.

Thank you for your faithful service in the Temple.


The Highlands Ranch Colorado, Stake Presidency

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