Missionary Monday: Sister Jackman Serving in Milan, Italy

336 gabrillo FHE 339 Alehandra in Alessandria

Here is a recent letter from Sister Jackman:

My my my. How amazing is this life!! We are so incredible blessed aren’t we?! Every single day this week was just a blessing! My companion Sorella Albos is absolutely incredible and I love her with all my heart!!! I don’t know what I would do with out her this transfer she is absolutely a blessing in my life. Not just the mission, but my life! I know I was supposed to find her out here! I knew this woman before!

I would call this week the miracle week!!! We have been so blessed to be able to find 2 new investigators!! Ninnetta lives in Asti which is 40 minutes away from us. She is amazing and I love her so much! we will see her tomorrow morning at 9!!! haha I love talking with her! She loves talking English to us!! I love Italians English!! We then met with Alehandra!!! ahhhhhhh I LOVE ALEHANDRA!!!!!!  She is from Peru and I just feel like I have such a special connection with her! The other day I was on the phone with her best friend and she said to me “Alehandra said when you go home in May to Colorado that we need to come and visit you”!!! She said she doesn’t want me to go!! Oh how I feel the same!! I DON’T want to even think about that!!! It’s amazing how close you can get to people in life isn’t it?. She doesn’t speak Italian very well so sometimes she speaks to us in Spanish and I understand a LOT of it!! I want to learn Spanish when I get home!!! ah She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and this week we will be setting a baptism date with her! Actually tomorrow we will be! When we went over they cooked for us and fed us Peruvian food! INCREDIBLE!!!! I love her with all my heart!! Which by the way I have like 100 hearts that I love people with – I say I love them with all my heart haha…-

Okay I want to talk about my incredible companion for a little! She is amazing! It’s so fun because we surprise each other like every other day with cute little notes making breakfast or other things!! It’s the funnest thing ever to serve with her!! oh mama mia so help me if one of us gets transfered!! This transfer with her has been a dream! I have loved every second with her!! She just lights up everything! She is constantly happy!! I LOVE HERRRRR!! It’s amazing how much Ihave realized that my best friends are out here on the misison as well!! So many of the people out here on the mission I know I was meant to find!! Man, God sure plans out everything so well!! He is a pretty smart man I would say!!

Having the opportunity to be a Sister Training Leader has been the most amazing thing!! I love it and it definitely lets me know how much I need to grow and learn!! haha Maybe a slight…. or rather huge call to repentence! haha It has been amazing.  Tomorrow we have 9 lessons planned here just in Alessandria! We will be doing a blitz scambio here, so the Torino sisters will come here! This is all blessings from being obedient I believe! That is another thing I LOVE aboutSorella Albos SHE LOVES BEING OBEDIENT WITH ME!!! I love her!!!

Italy Is my home and everything about it I love!! Today we walked around centro and I realized AGAIN how incredilby blessed Ii am to be here to serve here and to see the amazing people here! What an incredible place this is. Truly incredible!!

We just got an email from President that says that Elder Bednar will be coming here April the 27thh for a mission wide conference!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! My favorite Apostle is coming!!! .. oops did I say favorite!! haha! So pretty much all the 250 misisonaries in this misison will be going to Milano for this conference!! To say that I am excited does not explain my emotions!!! AHHH what an incredible opportunity this will be!!!

To my incredible family!!! Just want you to know that I miss you – YES TIMES 1 MILLION!!!! Your letters are like my sun and I love hearing your voices!!! Why am I so blessed. I honestly believe I got the best family on earth… no in all the universes!!! — its true!!!! I love you sooooo much. so much so that I can’t describe it with words!!!! Every single week is incredible because of you!!! Mama you are incredilbe punto!!!!!!


What an amaizng opportunity it is to be a servent of the Lord. He is truly watching over everyone and that to me is incredible!!!

I love you so much thank you thank you thank you!!! mmwmwwwaaaa I CANT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU NEXT WEEK!!! Be strong and keep moving!!!



mama i love you forever i like you for always as long as I’m living and on my mama you’ll be!! mwwa I love you a million red m&ms

Sister Jackman is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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