Letter From Denver Colorado South Mission President

Mission President’s Message

Spring 2015

One great blessings of the restored gospel is having modern-day prophets and apostles.  Early this year many of the missionaries serving in the Denver area were able to attend a three hour training session with Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

In preparation for this wonderful meeting I was instructed to have all of our missionaries read three talks Elder Bednar had given over the past several years.   While reading one of the talks I was struck by something he said on the subject of member missionary work. In his April 2008 general conference talk Elder Bednar makes this comment:

“If you and I would pray with the expectation to act and not just express – then the work of proclaiming the gospel would move forward in a remarkable way.  Such a prayer of faith might include some of the following elements: 

  • Thank Heaving Father for the doctrines and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which bring hope and happiness into our lives.
  • Asking for courage and boldness to open our mouths and share the gospel with our family and friends
  • Entreating Heavenly Father to help us identify individuals and families who will be receptive to our invitation to be taught by the missionaries in our homes.
  • Pledging to do our part this day and this week and petitioning for help to overcome anxiety, fear and hesitation.
  • Seeking for the gift of discernment – for eyes to see and ears to hear missionary opportunities as they occur. 

I testify that prayer becomes meaningful as we ask in faith and act.  I invite all of us to pray in faith about our divinely given mandate to proclaim the gospel.  As we do so, I promise doors will open and we will be blessed to recognize and act upon the opportunities that will be provided.”

 One of the great joys of being a Mission President is meeting people who have recently joined the church and who clearly understand the power of the atonement and have a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  What makes this all the more wonderful is when these new members have come into the church as a result of being invited to listen to the missionaries by someone that can help them make the difficult transition from non-member to member.

As a mission presidency we marvel at the faithful service so many of you give to the Lord by magnifying your callings and living the gospel.  We join with Elder Bednar and ask that you accept his council and pray that you will know when the Lord has put someone in your path that is open to learning about the gospel and that when this happens you will have the faith to initiate a gospel oriented conversation. Doing so will bless your life regardless of the outcome, and, in many cases bless the person with whom you spoke.


Blake Murdock


Colorado Denver South Mission

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