Missionary Monday: Elder Whittier Serving In the Dominican Republic

I had a pretty good experience this week. It was really good, actually. So we were proselyting on the worst day of proselyting ever. 27 de febrerero is equivalent to July 4th so everybody is getting drunk and partying. We had a ton of lessons fall through so we were left to do nothing for like an hour. We had one more lesson at 8:00 and were walking there killing time at 7:30. We walk down the street to get there and all the sudden I get the prompting to go visit Hermana Rodriguez. Her Dad is so old and far gone he can’t really move or do anything without his daughter. So I think we should go down there and visit but I keep walking right until Jensen asks me “you think we should go visit Lil Rod?” That’s when I just turned down the alley way immediately. Before I even say “yes” we’re already headed down there. She was there getting ready to help her Dad in bed. We help her out and then she asks if I can give him a blessing. I’m like “…….que?”. I say yes, of course but I’m freaking out cuz I dont want to mess it up. There were about thirty small prayers said in that 5 minute period getting ready for it. I was just asking for the Spirit so much to tell me what to say. Jensen does the oil and I go for the blessing. I don’t know really what I said. The words kind of just flowed. I ended and just felt the Spirit so strong I started welling up. My first priesthood blessing and it was in Spanish.
I testify that the priesthood is a very real power. I know that God answered my prayers yesterday. As a missionary you just try to be the best you can possibly be so that when God says something you’re ready. Its like what God tells Nephi when he says He’ll give him power to do anything he wants because He knows that Nephi wont do anything contrary to God’s will. God is really there. I have seen the power and felt the strength of what the gospel can do to people mostly because I’ve seen this change in myself. I know it and cannot deny it.
Elder Whittier
Elder Whittier is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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