Teacher Appreciation A Huge Success!

Last week the stake Public Affairs Committee hosted its annual Teacher Appreciation Award night. It was a tremendous success! Forty-three teachers were honored for their work by forty-six seniors in our stake. Each teacher received a beautiful granite apple, was read a tribute by the student who nominated them, and after the awards were presented everyone enjoyed a beautiful dessert buffet.

Nelson Garcia from 9News read the tributes, and words of appreciation were spoken by Principal Weaver of Mountain Vista High School and President Walker from the stake.

Thousands of hours of work goes into making this evening a night never to forget! We are grateful to the Public Affairs and all of their hard work to create a masterful evening to honor so many who serve our children every day.P1020458

P1020455 P1020463P1020462 P1020461 P1020460P1020457 P1020466 P1020467 P1020468 P1020469 P1020470 P1020471 P1020465

P1020447P1020448 P1020449 P1020450 P1020451 P1020452 P1020453 P1020454




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