Missionary Monday: Elder Totsch Serving In Panama

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Here are some recent e-mails from Elder Totsch:

Hey Everyone,

So now an update on this week! I had the great opportunity to do divisions with Elder Kipp here in Ukupa this week! It was really great! It was always great to be able to talk to him his is a great leader and has helped me out a lot and so it was really great to be able to talk to him here! The next day we then went to the Aidirgandi to speak with all of the people over there! I talked with all of the people who came to church while Elder Kipp contacted because we did divisions this past week with the two people from Ukupa. It was really great and the people of Aidirgandi are progressing really well and have been keeping the commitments that we have been putting with them so that has been really awesome to be able to see! Then this Thursday was not a good day because we had to go back to Playon and it took all day and it was kind of a waste of a day so it was kind of frustrating. I really dont like not being able to work in our areas. It is really interesting to see here. I would say that on the village of Ukupa 90 percent of the people who are above the age of 30 are members the really big problem is that there are tons of them that are inactive. That just means there is a lot of work that we will be able to do here and I am really excited to be able to see how it goes! We have started to visit with a lot of them, and the biggest problem that we have with the people is helping them overcome their shyness to come to church. They are an incredibly shy people and sometimes it can really be hard to get them over that! But then on Friday we were able to work well in Ukupa and that was really good, and Saturday the Elders from Irgandi  had a baptism so we went over for that and it was actually something that was really awesome! I am really happy that they were able to have that!
Then sunday came and it was a great day! We had tons of investigators come to church! There were 12 people who came from Aidirgandi! Two of them are active members who usually live in another island, but it was really awesome to see all of them come! We also saw about 6 people from Ukupa come who arent members either and church was really great! Everything ran very smoothly and we even had one of the chiefs come to church! He liked it a lot and I think he might help us teach the following week! This next week should be a really great one too!
Elder Totsch


Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry that my group email didn't send last week in 
all reality I have no idea how it didn't I wrote it all down and it was honestly one of the best weeks ever of my mission.I cant believe how many miracles that we were able to have and I guess that's why it didn't send, but today I will be sure to give a full account about what happened last week! So I want you guys to remember where I left off.

We had the worst church ever and I had to lead and pass and 
talk and teach two lesson with my comp. So it was incredibly hard. But then my comp and I decided not to get super mad at our branch president and we decided to make a nice Sunday 
dinner with him here in the church, because that's where we 
live. Then so the next day my comp and I decided that we are going to go to this new village that is about an hour and a 
half walking from here called Aidirgandi. We had heard that
people had gone there before, but no missionaries. I also 
want you all to know that this day we also decided that we 
were going to do a fast.

We had decided that every time missionaries had left to go 
and work they always start out with fasting and prayer. And 
miracles always always always follow. Like Alma and how he 
finds Amulek and the sons of Mosiah. They all started with 
fast and prayer and huge miracles happened with them. So we 
got our Branch President to go with us all the way to 
Aidirgandi to preach. The same guy who didnt come to church
the last week.

So we walked all the way there it is all on the beach so it 
really isn't terrible. There is a nice ocean breeze that 
comes while we have walked there. So we finally get there, 
and the first thing we do is go and visit the Saila which is basically like the chief of the village!

And he can't speak any Spanish what so ever. Our Branch 
President translated everything for us! It was great and the first miracle that we could see was that the Saila already 
had wanted the church to be in this village. About 10 years 
ago or more apparently they wrote a note to the church sayingthat they wanted the village on the island, but it never 
happened apparently! So we got his permission to go into the
pueblo and teach all of the people that are there! 
So that was something that was a huge miracle that he alreadyhad such an open heart to the Gospel! Then we went around thevillage and we taught 4 really great lessons with a lot of 
people that absolutely loved the Gospel when they heard it soit was something that was really amazing!

Then after that we just walked back that night and it was 
really cool!

The biggest miracle that happened is that our branch 
President got super excited about the work and about church 
and about really everything that we need him to be excited 
about! It was so great! It truly was a huge blessing just to be able to see that blessing that he changed! He was so 
excited about the trip to Aidirgandi that he said that he 
wanted to accompany us again on Saturday to go there again! 

And now the last miracle. We had 3 people come to church all the way from Aidirgandi this week. We didn't have to do 
anything in church. We did not teach one lesson. It was 
great. I loved it! I felt like the whole church experience 
was completely different, and I really think that the people learned a lot from the experience! It was great! A
huge miracle to see how the church changed so dramatically inonly one week! But yeah that was the great week that I had. Iknow that through fasting and prayer the Lord will bless us. We just have to show him that when we are worthy and preparedHe will bless us. I have seen it! 

This was the week I had and it is now a part of my testimony of how the Lord works and how to receive answers to prayers 
and what needs to be done to receive all of the blessings 
that the Lord has for us. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Love Y'all
Elder Totsch

Elder Totsch is serving from the Daniels Park Wark.

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