Stake Temple Day Coming Up On May 14th!


Here are the various assignments for our upcoming Temple Night on Thursday May 14th.
Chapel Session (6pm) Summit View Park (20 patrons)
Laundry – Daniels Park 4-8pm — 2 persons
Sealings — Saddle Ranch & Spring Gulch  (6 Brothers & 6 Sister each)  6pm or 6:30 pm
Initiatory — Falcon Park 6PM    & Westridge 7 PM ( 5 Brothers & 5 Sisters each ward) 
Suggested Ward Endowment Session Times are:

Daniels Park  5:00
Falcon Park    7:30
Heritage Park  7:00
Highlands Ranch  6:30
Northridge    6:00
Roxborough  5:00
Saddle Ranch  7:30
Spring Gulch   7:00
Summit View   6:30 – following the Chapel Session
Westridge   6:00

Also, please remember that there are 2 early morning sessions every month (1st and 3rd Wednesdays @ 5:30) — a great way to start the day.

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