Missionary Monday: Elder Andrew Wolfe Serving In Argentina

Elder Andrew Wolfe on left

Elder Andrews is on the left.

Mission: I serve in the Buenos Aires Oeste mission working in the western suburbs in the 20th biggest city in the world. Here the culture is very different from that in Denver, Colorado. The mission extends from 20 minutes west of the Capitol until the western edge of the provincia of Buenos Aires, which is halfway across the continent of South America. I am starting my 7th transfer in Argentina, 8th in the mission, and I have had about 6 companions, and I am in my second area, in Arco Iris, 90 minutes west of the coast.

Here’s an idea of what the hard part of the mission is:

The Hard: Adapting to the lifestyle, and the culture. The first 4 months or so were very hard for me. We only eat 2 meals a day basically, and when it rains we have to stay outside and not wimp out if we want to stick with our missionary purpose. We had to walk about 10 miles a day in my first area, and I felt malnourished. But what I have learned in my current area is that the worst part is when the people, the people you love, don’t take the steps necessary to accept salvation. In this moment you truly feel Godly Sorrow.

The Good: I have learned just so much so far I can’t explain it all. But basically I now know that I want to be obedient in everything in life to avoid making God feel what I feel when people don’t keep their word. I made covenants to serve and follow him, and I have to keep my word. I also have learned to love the people, thank heavens. That was the hardest part in the beginning, because the love is developed, and is the main inspiration to do everything. And my testimony of the restoration has been strengthened, and I know just how important it is to read the Book of Mormon. When Lehi saw the river, he didn’t notice it was dirty because he was preoccupied in the salvation of his family. Nephi mentions this later on. This is completely true, as I focus on others, my focus leaves my infirmities or what I lack, like food, and I am enveloped in the welfare of others, and it brings me great joy.

Here are a couple of conversion stories!

We baptized a woman named Mirta Cejas. We met her 3 weeks ago, and already she is worthy enough to make the covenant with God. When she was baptized, she put her hands up in the air, and started to cry, like Rocky Balboa, and started to talk with God. It was weird, but she feels the spirit more than I do. When she was confirmed a member, she also put her hands out like she was receiving something, a custom from her Evangelical church.

Next week we will baptize a 9 year old named Carolina, and she comes from a less active family. She and her siblings are AWESOME, but the parents have a hard time bringing them to church. But she is ready to make a covenant with God, and we will help her go to church every Sunday. Did you know that Latin kids are way more precious than American kids, IMO?

 Elder Wolfe is serving from the Roxborough Ward.

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