Missionary Monday: Elder Jonathon Wolfe Serving In Florida

Elder Jon Wolfe on the right

Elder Wolfe is on the right.

I’m Elder Wolfe (Jonathon, the younger), and I serve in the Florida Ft. Lauderdale Spanish speaking mission. It covers the Keys, all parts of Miami, and some parts north until Jacksonville.

Right now I’m in an area 10 miles west of Miami Beach, snugged up against the Everglades. It’s called Hialeah, but I call it ‘Little Cuba’ because you will not find anyone here but Spanish speaking people. Here, most of them are Cubans. This mission is considered the most ‘spanish’ mission in the U.S. It’s awesome: you don’t feel like you’re in the U.S. at all! Everything is Spanish!

I’ve baptized people from the Dominican Republic, Peru, Costa Rica, and Cuba. Really, it’s the best place to get a little taste of everything down here. What I love about the mission is watching people’s lives change by converting to the gospel and the atonement—feeling that they become eternally important me as I watch them progress towards eternal life. They come to church weekly and attend the temple. It’s hard for me to follow a strict schedule, but I love it! I love studying, finding those to teach—it’s all really worth it!!

One of the interesting things about the Spanish culture in the branches/wards, is when the members bear their testimony, all of their family members come up to the pulpit and stand by them. It’s very casual; a little hard for me to get used to.

Finally, I would like to impress upon the members to be active in helping your Ward missionaries in the missionary work! Go on splits, invite investigators and less actives to your home and invite the missionaries! Our work thrives best with the participation of the members.

Elder Wolfe (the younger)

Elder Wolfe is serving from the Roxborough Ward.

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