Missionary Monday: We Need You- Sign-Up To Spread the Gospel!

We Need You!

If you and your family are in town and willing to walk in the 4th of July Parade to represent the Church and our Highlands Ranch Stake, we invite you to come and help us spread the Gospel! This is a wonderful family activity and a great way to easily do missionary work in our area.

On Saturday, July 4th from 8 am-10 am, we invite you and your family to come walk in the parade with the stake float! Have your children decorate their bikes and ride their bikes with us! Dress in patriotic attire, bring bubbles to blow, or squirt guns to cool people off.

Our line-up location will be emailed through Signup Genius as soon as it is assigned by HRCA. It’s a really fun time for everyone while representing the church with missionary work! Our theme for the float is Charity Never Faileth.

To sign-up, please click HERE.

For all the sisters who walk with us, we invite you to make a special t-shirt with the Relief Society logo “Charity Never Faileth.” Simply reverse the image (you must do this so the image will be correct on the t-shirt once ironed on), print the template  (by clicking Charity Never Faileth T-Shirt Download (1)) onto iron-on paper, and iron on to a t-shirt. The t-shirt is optional, not mandatory.



One thought

  1. Parade lineup is at 8:00 am on Hepburn Street and Highlands Ranch Parkway just east of the Kaiser building at the Target Plaza . Enter the Target parking lot from Lucent and park at the south end near the Kaiser building. Look for our large world beach ball.


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