Temple Baptistry Help Needed This Friday!

Thanks to all who sacrificed part of their Friday to participate in the Youth Baptistry in June. The Temple wants to  express their heart-felt appreciation and even though the numbers of youth were not what was hoped, those that came had a great experience.

We have our next assignment on Friday July 3rd — this is a holiday weekend so numbers available may be less but many may have the day off and be able to help. The link on the stake blog goes to the signup site or an email to me is appreciated.
Summer open-Baptistry  needs  our stake  to provide 9 endowed brothers and 6 sisters each day.    There is an additional need for  2 additional workers to help in the laundry from 8:30 – 12:30 on July 3rd.  We have 4 signed up so far so we still need 7-8 brothers and 4-5 sisters and 1 laundry worker.  If necessary the shift time can be split so that may help open it up to more volunteers.

Please register by clicking HERE.

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