Missionary Monday: Elder Larsen Returns From Mozambique!

Elder B. Larsen recently returned home from his mission in Mozambique.

In his final letter home, he shared his testimony with his friends and family. Here is what he wrote:

To end I would like to just share Who Jesus Christ is to me.1)He is my friend. I trust him. I talk to Him about anything and everything. He is a good listener. 2)He is my example. He never once sinned, He never once had a bad thought. He is perfect, just as our Father in Heaven. Even though trying to be like Him is like trying to jump to the moon, I’ll fall short, but at least I’ll be that much closer. 3) He is my God. Have you ever thought what it would take for you to bow down and kiss someones feet? As prideful as I am, it would take a lot. But I will not only kiss his feet, but I will bathe them with my tears, because He has invested so much into me. I will dedicate my life to him. He will I exalt. He will I serve. I love my Savior. In his holy name, Jesus Cristo. Amem.
I love you all.
Elder Larsen
Brandon carlitos greca 3-15
Elder Larsen is in the Daniels Park Ward.
Thank you for sharing your testimony with us and for all of your hard work serving the Lord!

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