Missionary Monday: Elder T. Larsen Serving in Peru

Elder Larsen recently entered the Peru MTC to prepare to serve in the  the Peru Chiclayo Mission. Here is a recent letter he sent:

For my spiritual thought I would like to share a piece from the Area Seventy that spoke to us a few nights ago. He quoted a prophet and said, “this generation has a greater capacity to obey  than any generation that has lived on this earth.” I know this is true. This is why this is the last dispensation. I was finishing the Book of Mormon where the Nephites fell. That will never happen to us. The gospel will go forth to every corner of the world. With that said, we can still fall away individually. Don’t let that happen. Obey the commandments and work hard to improve yourself each day. You don’t want to be left behind when your whole family is heading to live with God and you can’t because of your decisions. Use the atonement. It allows us to become clean and become better than we ever thought we can be. Always remember that you have the capacity to obey.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
tanner E Stout lima temple 7-15 tanner Elder Stout 7-15

Elder Larsen is serving from the Daniels Park Ward. You can e-mail him at tanner.larsen@myldsmail.net.

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