Stake Softball Tournament Tomorrow!

Please note the schedule for the Stake Softball Tournament on 8/15 has been updated and has been sent to your ward leaders. Please disregard any prior version you may have received as it is now obsolete. Redstone informed us this week that one of the fields (Green) won?t be available due to early season rain / scheduling issues. Therefore with one less field there are a few changes to the schedule. Most wards still have 2 games and back to back where possible.

A few other reminders:

1) Please carpool where possible and allow time to get to the fields. Redstone also informed us days ago that in addition to the Green field being used there are planned activities throughout the day at Shea Stadium and the Skate Park.

2) Concession stand is planned to be open.

3) Stake Leaders will be located next to the concessions stand.

4) Please review / understand the rules. Home teams are to supply at least one umpire.

5) The format is very similar to years past. The first horn means there are five minutes left in the game. The second horn means that the game is over. Finish the last play as necessary. The next game will start right after.

Finally, Falcon Park Young Men interested in playing should check in with the stake leaders near the snack bar and you will be drafted to another team.

Please contact Charles Kikumoto with any questions

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