Missionary Monday: Sharing the Book of Mormon!

In light of The Book of Mormon Musical currently showing in Denver, it is a great time to share the truth about the Book of Mormon on Facebook (after all, we all know the book is always better!). Here’s an easy way to do so: A video created by three returned  missionaries who just want us to “share” the Book of Mormon! This article was originally published in Deseret News and can be found by clicking HERE.

‘What is the Book of Mormon?’: Video created by 3 returned missionaries answers the question

Kyson Kidd



Kyson Kidd, Jacob Justice and Jake Christensen, three returned LDS missionaries, recently released a video that answers the question, “What is the Book of Mormon?”

YouTube screenshot

In 2014, three returned LDS missionaries set out to create a video that would answer the question, “What is the Book of Mormon?” Fulfilling their promised to their nearly 19,000 followers on Facebook, they released the finished product on New Year’s Day.

These three members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were motivated by their personal testimonies of the Book of Mormon and their desire that everyone have an opportunity to read it.

“If people could really understand what the Book of Mormon is, they would cherish that book like their lives depended on it,” co-creator Jake Christensen told the Deseret News in November. “What we’re hoping to do with this video is ignite the spark of the importance of the Book of Mormon so both members and nonmembers will have more of a desire to read it.”

The video begins with street interviews showing what people know about the Book of Mormon, and then the interviewer asks the question, “Can I explain to you briefly what it’s about?”

“Prophets like Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses were men called by God to teach truth in the Holy Land,” the video explains. “But did God only speak to people in the Holy Land? At that same time, there were people in other parts of the world, and the Book of Mormon is proof that God called prophets to help them as well.”

The video proceeds to share various people’s testimonies of the Book of Mormon. It also shows the Book of Mormon’s worldwide reach.

The video has been viewed over 1,000 times.

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