General Women’s Meeting Photos

Last Saturday the ladies of our stake met to be uplifted and edified by our religious leaders at the semi-annual General Women’s Meeting. Thank you to the Stake Relief Society Presidency for supplying a wonderful treat afterwards! It was a beautiful evening, and we are grateful for all who made the night a success!

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Missionary Monday: Sister Plumb Serving In California

Sister Plumb is serving from the Roxborough Ward. You can visit her blog by clicking HERE.

Beware of 7/7/17

Hello Friends and Family!
I hope everyone is happy and healthy today!
I honestly can’t believe another day has past by. It all seems to be a
blur. Some exciting news is that we picked up a family this week who
wanted us to come by and talk to their son because they were concerned
that he was spending too much time with his friends instead of his
family. So they thought family was really important! Perfect! Because
our church is all about families!! So we came over monday night and
had a small little family home evening with them and discussed the
importance of families in the church and in our eternal progression.
We challenged them to hold a family home evening every night to bring
their family closer together and we are going to meet with them
tomorrow to see how it went! I can’t wait to teach them more about
this gospel that will help strengthen their relationship as a family.

Interesting story for today:
I met the prophet of California! Haha there was this crazy lady on the
side of the street helping kids pick up trash on the roads and she
stopped us to ask if we were religious. We said yes we are from the
church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So she went on saying how
she was the prophet of California and that there are prophets in each
state teaching different things and her job was to save everyone in
California from the El Niño. She told us that El Niño is going to take
out all the sinners in California and save the righteous but that El
Niño is not the end of he world! In fact (mark your calendars
everyone) the end of the world will be 7/7/17. Makes sense…. I
guess. I was thinking about what she said and I hope that I don’t
sound like that to people haha of course I’m not telling them that
they’ll be wiped out by a rain storm if they sin though.

One of my favorite talks as of right now is by Jeffrey R. Holland. “A
Testimony of the Book of Mormon” there is a video that goes along to a
section of it that is so profound. Gaining a testimony of Joseph Smith
is important and it can be done through reading the Book of Mormon,
praying with a sincere heart, with contrite spirit and having faith in
Christ that he will answer you. Then you will come to know that the
Book is true, and if the Book is true the Joseph Smith is a true
prophet and he did see God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. The
Book of Mormon is blessed revelation from God. It answers the
questions of the soul. And it healeth a wounded soul. I know the Book
of Mormon is true because I can turn to it at anytime and in any
situation I’m in and it comforts me and counsels me. I’m so grateful
for this amazing tool and the sacrifice that went into it from Joseph

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!
Sister Plumb


They found each other- good friends from home- from left, Sister Plumb’s companion, Sister Plumb, Elder Bones (from the stake) and Elder Meza (from the stake)


FHE Lesson: Sabbath Day “Can’s”

There’s Really No Such Thing as a Sabbath “Cannot”

September 18, 2015

Original article found HERE.


Something Was Missing

My Sabbath day attire as a child and youth was often either a swimsuit or pajamas. Many of my Sabbath day memories include sitting in the open bow of our family ski boat. I remember appreciating the scenic beauty, feeling the wind whip through my hair, and loving the warmth of the summer sun on my face as my family took turns on waterskis behind the boat.

The Sabbath day had very few “cannots” for me when I was young. I remember thinking about God out there on the water. I knew He was there in the surrounding beauty, but I always felt like something was missing—like He was just out of reach. It took some growing up and some pondering before I realized what was bothering me: we didn’t speak of Him. If anyone in my family acknowledged Him on  the Sabbath it was generally kept within the confines of our own minds and hearts.

I always wondered how God felt about our Sunday recreation. When I did, I was left with a subtle ache and an emptiness in my heart and a concern that I might somehow be disappointing Him. As an adult, I’ve traded in my often preferred childhood attire for my Sunday best, and I’ve also managed to trade in that subtle ache for a great deal of peace.

Sabbath “Cannots”

An important lesson I’ve learned about the Sabbath is that there’s really no such thing as a Sabbath “cannot.” The Sabbath day is like any other day in one way—I can use the 24 hours however I want. And like any other day, those choices invite God closer to me or keep Him at a distance. Time and time again, I’ve found that the best feelings come from choosing Him every chance I get—especially on His holy day.

I’ve also learned that obedience yields the greatest blessings. One of the Ten Commandments is “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8). Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my choice as an adult to honor the Sabbath day was a “sign” between me and God. I’m still reaping the rewards of that choice.

The Senses of Sunday

All of the recent talk on the Sabbath day prompted me to ask my husband and three daughters what they considered to be “acceptable” Sabbath activities.

Our family’s list of Sabbath “cans” included resting, reading scriptures, improving talents, writing letters, spending time with family, visiting the sick or elderly, and other typical answers, but the conversation got interesting when I asked them how Sunday was different than every other day according to their five senses.

For sight, they spoke of seeing the faces of loved ones, images of the Savior, and God’s green earth. Sounds of the Sabbath were favorite Primary songs, talks, hearing the sacrament prayers, and even birds. For Sunday tastes and smells, the bread and water of sacrament meeting was mentioned, and my husband’s family tradition of roast and potatoes was at the top of the list. One of my daughters also spoke of the familiar scent of our Church building.

I was surprisingly moved when my daughters spoke of Sunday’s physical touch. To them, this meant Daddy’s clean-shaven face, the embrace of loved ones, the feel and flow of wearing dresses, and even touching the fabric of the pews. This sense alone deepened my love for my family and for the Lord’s day. I’m feeling more and more like Sunday is a treasure trove of both unrecognized and undiscovered blessings.

I’m now eager to uncover more spiritual treasures that perhaps I’ve been missing each week.

Sabbath Signs

Our family was pleasantly surprised to discover a long list of loving signs we can give to God on His holy day. Many of our ideas were inspired by President Nelson’s general conference talk “The Sabbath Is a Delight” and this Ensign article.

Here are just a few of the activities we came up with:

  • Go on a nature walk
  • Watch old home videos of our family or Church-produced videos
  • Journal
  • Play your instrument for Heavenly Father or someone else
  • Create a menu plan that follows the Word of Wisdom
  • Read something inspiring (scriptures, Church magazines, biographies, etc.)
  • Draw, color, or paint a picture for Heavenly Father or someone else
  • Scrapbook
  • Invite someone to dinner
  • Write a letter to Heavenly Father or someone else
  • Have a family fireside
  • Make a treat for the family, a neighbor, or a friend
  • Visit family, friends, or someone who needs some company
  • Organize the family calendar

Download your own Sabbath can label and fill it with your family’s ideas of Sabbath-appropriate activities.

Linda Clyde is a lover of all things creative, especially writing. She is a wife and mother to three beautiful daughters and resides in Springville, Utah.

Stake Activity Days Pictures!

Scatter Sunshine Holiday Service Party – Stake Activity Days Activity
We started by listening to a short talk by Beckie Johnson.  She shared a personal experience with the girls about a time when she was at the hospital on Christmas Day.  At the hospital she received a handmade holiday card that eased the stress of the situation.  The girls then rotated through four holidays and made a holiday card in each rotation.  Each room was decorated for the corresponding holiday and had holiday candy, music and seasonal scents.  150 plus girls ages 8-11 attended as well as leaders and the Sister Missionaries.  The cards will be given to Littleton Adventist Hospital to be put on patient trays for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas throughout the year.  The girls had a wonderful time designing, decorating and writing notes on the cards.  The cards will be displayed at our upcoming General Women’s Meeting next Saturday.  The girls were given a “service bracelet” as a take home favor. They were challenged to do a kindness or a service before the bracelet falls off.
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