Pay Your Tithing On-Line!

You can now pay your tithes and offerings on-line (note: This is not mandatory, it is merely an option if you are so inclined. You can still pay the same way you have always paid and give your tithes and offerings to a member of the bishopric)!

The Church sent the following letter to Stake Presidents, Bishops, and Ward Clerks:

This notice is to inform you that the Online Donations web page is now active for members in your stake, district, ward, or branch. (Editor’s Note: It is now available for all of North America)
The Church has developed the Online Donations web page to provide members in the United States an additional way to submit their tithing and other offerings to their priesthood leader. The new web page also supports members who may want to donate missionary support funds for a missionary in a ward other than their own. Current and past donation information is also available through the web page.
Donations are accepted using an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly from the member’s checking or savings account. The Online Donations web page does not support payments by credit or debit card.

Members will be required to use their LDS Account username and password to access the Online Donations web page at A link to this page can be found under the “My Account and Ward” dropdown on
Members will also be asked to enter their bank account number and their financial institution’s routing number to begin making donations online. Members who wish to contribute support to a missionary in another unit must obtain the unit number of the missionary’s home ward to be able to make the donation.
The ward clerk will be responsible to provide help for members using the Online Donations web page. Clerks can view a welcome video, training resources, and find answers to members’ questions in the Help section or by clicking on Help, then View More from the Online Donations web page.

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