Stake Activity Days Pictures!

Scatter Sunshine Holiday Service Party – Stake Activity Days Activity
We started by listening to a short talk by Beckie Johnson.  She shared a personal experience with the girls about a time when she was at the hospital on Christmas Day.  At the hospital she received a handmade holiday card that eased the stress of the situation.  The girls then rotated through four holidays and made a holiday card in each rotation.  Each room was decorated for the corresponding holiday and had holiday candy, music and seasonal scents.  150 plus girls ages 8-11 attended as well as leaders and the Sister Missionaries.  The cards will be given to Littleton Adventist Hospital to be put on patient trays for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas throughout the year.  The girls had a wonderful time designing, decorating and writing notes on the cards.  The cards will be displayed at our upcoming General Women’s Meeting next Saturday.  The girls were given a “service bracelet” as a take home favor. They were challenged to do a kindness or a service before the bracelet falls off.
Editor’s Note: As always, if there are any pictures you would like removed from the blog, please e-mail and we will remove them.
IMG_6877 5X7 IMG_6879 5X7 IMG_6881 5X7 IMG_6883 5X7 IMG_6885 5X7 IMG_6886 5X7 IMG_6887 5X7 IMG_6890 5X7 IMG_6897 5X7 IMG_6899 5X7 IMG_6902 5X7 IMG_6903 5X7 IMG_6907 5X7 IMG_6908 5X7 IMG_6913 5X7 IMG_6914 5X7 IMG_6920 5X7 IMG_6921 5X7 IMG_6926 5X7 IMG_6927 5X7 IMG_6929 5X7 IMG_6930 5X7 IMG_6932 5X7 IMG_6934 5X7 IMG_6935 5X7 IMG_6938 5X7 IMG_6939 5X7 IMG_6948 5X7 IMG_6949 5X7

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