General Women’s Meeting Photos

Last Saturday the ladies of our stake met to be uplifted and edified by our religious leaders at the semi-annual General Women’s Meeting. Thank you to the Stake Relief Society Presidency for supplying a wonderful treat afterwards! It was a beautiful evening, and we are grateful for all who made the night a success!

IMG_7315 5X7 IMG_7316 5X7 IMG_7317 5X7 IMG_7318 5X7 IMG_7319 5X7 IMG_7320 5X7 IMG_7321 5X7 IMG_7322 5X7 IMG_7323 5X7 IMG_7324 5X7 IMG_7325 5X7 IMG_7326 5X7 IMG_7327 5X7 IMG_7331 5X7 IMG_7334 5X7 IMG_7335 5X7 IMG_7341 5X7 IMG_7342 5X7 IMG_7343 5X7 IMG_7344 5X7 IMG_7346 5X7 IMG_7347 5X7 IMG_7348 5X7 IMG_7349 5X7

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