Feeding the 5,000 With St. Luke’s

This last weekend several wards from our stake partnered with St. Luke’s Methodist Church to participate in their annual “Feeding the 5,000” campaign. Throughout Highlands Ranch, members were asked to man tables in front of grocery stores and hand out bags to customers to fill with non-perishable items to be donated to DeNUM. Last year, St. Luke’s collected over 100,000 pounds of food- enough to supply DeNUM for 10 months! Stake members completed 4 2-hour shifts at 4 different stores in Highlands Ranch on Friday. St. Luke’s manned the tables on Saturday and Sunday, and also sorted and delivered the food. While our part was small, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with St. Luke’s for the greater good.

In the past, missionaries from the area have helped with the drive, and individual members have offered their time to help sort and collect food as well. This was the first year where the stake truly organized to participate in a more active way. Hopefully, this relationship will continue to build and grow stronger as we continue to partner together to help those in need.

Thank you to everybody who helped organize and who participated in this wonderful event!

IMG_9731 IMG_9732 IMG_9733 IMG_9735 IMG_9736 IMG_9737 IMG_9739 IMG_9740 IMG_9741 IMG_9742 IMG_9743 IMG_9744 IMG_9745 IMG_9746 IMG_9747

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