Missionary Monday: Sister Burgoyne Serving In Arizona

Here is a recent blog post from Sister Burgoyne:

They came to church!


We actually have had some success this week! We went to visit our one progressing investigator this week the little 9 year old girl. She’s doing great and finally had her prayers answered about the Book of Mormon being true! So that’s super exciting! We went over 4 times this week to see her and her family. Last week her step mom who is inactive came to church. This week we went over on Saturday to see if they’d come, and we accidentally interrupted their parents surprising them with new bike.  Luckily, they were happy we were there. We managed to get the whole family to commit to going to church before they got too distracted.

We also got to visit a lady who has been too busy to see us, but finally she let us in on Tuesday! Apparently she has been inactive for 7 years and has a really strong testimony but work has been keeping her away. That’s a big struggle here especially since lots of the people don’t have green cards and take whatever work they can get. Anyways she ended up being super friendly and invited us over again on Thursday, so we got to see her twice!

I told Sister Budge that I really felt like we needed to try to visit the Relief Society president, because we hadn’t yet.  We didn’t know her trailer number, but Sister Budge guessed and it turned out right! Not just that but turns out she had been hoping we’d come by, so she could give us a list of all the less actives who need visiting teachers. It was such a cool experience. God was definitely guiding us in that moment.

This week we also went over to see one of the recent converts who has been inactive. We told her how no one had been in gospel principles 2 weeks ago.  She felt bad and decided to go. She also asked to feed us dinner. She runs a 24 hour day care at her house so we were kinda surprised because it’s sometimes wild there. But she invited us over, dinner ended up being at 2 in the afternoon which was strange for us, but it was really good! We were able to share a lesson and the video, “He Lives.”  We finished by testifying of the Book of Mormon and inviting them to church on Sunday. It was a really neat experience.

We also went to go visit a less active who moved in a month ago and we invited her to come to church. It was amazing because she told us that she felt like her family really needed to go back to church right now, so she would try. She’s a really awesome lady who has gone through so much and so it was great hearing her wanting to put her faith in action.

Then the very best part of the week was when we went to church, and all of the people we had invited and committed to coming to church showed up! Even the other lady who works at the day care that we don’t really know came! It was a miracle because we were so used to them saying they’d come but not actually come! It was a great blessing! We ended up having 3 less active ladies and their children and two nonmembers not counting the little girl who is our investigator there! It was awesome!

Anyways this week I have been reading a lot of scriptures on having peace through trials. I love section 122 of D&C. We actually shared this with one of our less actives, and it really helped her. I just love it because no matter what happens, it’s all for our good!

I also love the part in 1 Nephi where Lamen and Lemuel are complaining because they don’t understand their father’s vision, and Nephi is just like, well did you ask God? And they say no, and he goes off about how we can’t receive knowledge from God, if we don’t ask him! If we do ask, he will answer! It kinda goes along with D & C 6: 23-24, 36-37 about how when we do get an answer from God we need to stop doubting and trust it. He is the surest foundation we have, so obviously any answer from Him is a guarantee! We need to trust Him! “Doubt not, fear not.”

Sounds like you have been having a really awesome week! Thanks for all of the support! I hope you have a good week!


Hermana Burgoyne

Sister Burgoyne is serving from the Daniels Park Ward. You can visit her blog by visiting HERE.


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