Sweets For Syria!!!!

Eight families in the stake decided to work together to help the Syrian Refugees! Together, they hosted six bake sales/lemonade stands and donated the money raised to The Red Cross.

The purpose of the project was not to have one person or family do a whole ton of work and burn themselves out. Instead, they decided to each do something small and combine their efforts to try and make a difference.

20150919_094332 IMG_1050

Together, they raised $1060! Their kids got to actively participate. In fact,  here are some quotes from the kids who participate:

Liesel N. (age 6)- We were raising money because Syria had a fight. It made me feel happy because I did something nice for people. I liked doing the bake sale because at the end I got to play.
Ivy N. (age 4)- We wanted to raise money for the people in Syria. They have a big fight and wars. It’s not safe there. It made me feel good inside my body to do the bake sale. It made me happy because I love my friends in Syria.
Cameron Neyenhuis (age 8)- We were raising money for Syria. They’re having a big war. It’s a very poor place right now and they’ve lost lots of their money. The bake sale was boring but it made me happy, too, because I was doing something.
Audra M. (age 8)- It was really fun making things and I knew I would be helping Syrian refugees and it was really cool. I hope the money we raised will help.
Claire M. (age 6)- I liked to do it. It was really fun. I know I’m helping them and I want to do it again.
Noah H. (7)

“I am glad we made money from the cookies because I don’t want any people to be left behind.  I saw them crossing the ocean on TV and I wanted to help them.”
Megan H. (5)
“I felt sad that they had to leave their homes and leave everything behind.”
Madison H. (4)
“I saw them sleeping on the ground, I wanted them to have pillows because I like to sleep with a pillow.  I want my money to buy pillows for them so they can be comfy.”

The Marriott family, from left, Claire, Ben, Audra and Camille, hosts the "Sweets for Syria" stand on the corner of Highlands Ranch Parkway and Deer Creek Street.

IMG_9726 IMG_9716

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