Missionary Monday: Elder Chase Serving In California, Long Beach

Here are some recent letters from Elder Chase:

Elder Chase is second from the right
Elder Chase is on the far right



August 31, 2015

So this week was really, really busy, but not so much of missionary work, just a bunch of meetings. haha. We had meetings and different things that we had to take care of every single day of the week, which didn’t allow us to work in our area as much as we wanted. It’s really great being a zone leader and really great being a trainer, but put them together and there is almost no time to work as a missionary.

Despite all of the busyness that we had to take care of, Elder Redd and I were able to see some success this week in those whom we visited with. This week we had the opportunity to start teaching a man named Joucef, an immigrant from Algeria. He’s really cool and we’ve enjoyed teaching him so far. He’s really knowledgeable and has already read the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran. When we introduced him to the Book of Mormon he jumped all over it and expressed his excitement to read from it. He also attended church with us this Sunday, which was great because the entire Sunday was focused on missionary work. At church all of the speakers were converts or recently returned missionaries, and they shared their testimonies of conversion.

Two of the Recent Converts we are working with right now (both were baptized about 1-2 months ago) were asked to give talks about there conversions and it was amazing! One of them, Stephanie, shared her perspective of the conversion process. She talked about how happy the Gospel makes her and how she’s eternally grateful for receiving it. Hearing everything from her perspective really hit me hard. In the words of Jeffrey R. Holland: “These people are not lifeless objects disguised as a baptismal statistic. They are children of God, our brothers and sisters, and they need what we have.” Her powerful testimony reinforced this point to me! Her story and her testimony are amazing!

Love you! Thanks for everything you do! đŸ™‚

Elder Chase


September 8, 2015

This week was good for myself and Elder Redd. It’s been really, really slow since the start of the transfer. It was essentially a Zone-Leader, White Wash, Train. haha you probably have no idea what that is. Basically it means I’m a Zone Leader, so there is always some random thing we have to do. White Wash means you get two new missionaries into an area who weren’t serving there before. Me and Elder Redd opened up this side of the HBYSA ward which meant there was almost no work to do at the beginning of the transfer. And then of course we are in the midst of training, which is time consuming. Anyway, this week was probably the most productive of the transfer so far. The best part was when our mission president, President Tew, called and asked to go teaching with us. We had a set lesson with Stephanie and Ruben (pretty sure I’ve told you about them), but 10 minutes before we get there we received a text from them saying that one of Ruben’s friends in the hospital just passed away from cancer. This completely changed everything, but thankfully we had our mission president there. Elder Redd and I just sat back and watched him do his thing. President Tew did an absolute amazing job of helping them while also inviting the Spirit to comfort them. President Tew is the best.

The other highlight of the week was when I went on exchanges with Elder Albrecht, the assistant to the president. It was by far the best exchange that I’ve ever been on and I learned so much from him. Elder Albrecht and I have served around each other for a vast majority of our missions (in fact, he was the third missionary that I met while here in California) so we’ve known each other for a while. I really respect and appreciate all that he does, and had a blast while on the exchange with him.

The last thing I want to talk about is our lessons with Joucef. He’s the immigrant from Algeria who knows a bunch about different religions. In one of our lessons this week we taught him about the Plan of Salvation. I was super excited to teach it to him and he grasped it extremely well. The thing that drew him in the most was when we taught about the Spirit world, and how it’s a place where people have the opportunity to learn about Christ even if they didn’t have the chance here. This made complete sense to him and it’s always a great experience for a missionary when those we teach have an “ah ha” type of moment.

Well, I love you as always. Thanks for everything!

Elder Chase

September 14, 2015

So I’ll update you on Joucef’s progress. We had a couple of interesting lessons this week with him. In one of them, we were teaching him the Word of Wisdom and it was going really well. As we were teaching him though, we got a bit sidetracked and began teaching him how God has a body of flesh and bone and also taught him how we pray to God, not Jesus. Apparently he thought we were praying to Christ because we closed by saying “in the name of Jesus Christ”, which led to a pretty interesting discussion. It’s one of my favorite – teaching people doctrines that we like to consider super basic. It’s amazing to me how these doctrines are so simple and yet so important to know.

Another big thing that Elder Redd and I have been trying to implement is a bunch more member missionary work. It’s difficult to work a YSA ward because we can knock doors all day and find new people to teach, but most of the time we’ll just pass them off to the family wards and it won’t benefit the ward in which we are serving. Because of this we have been doing a bunch more member missionary work than I’ve done in past areas. We go and meet up with these members, hoping that as we invite the Spirit into their homes, they will be awakened to the great blessings the Gospel has given to them, and thus desire to share it with their YSA friends. One one specific example, we wen’t by a YSA who still lives with his family. His dad answered (a really great and solid member in one of the family wards) and invited us in right in. We had a short nice discussion with him and his struggling YSA son, which allowed to Spirit to enter into their home. That Sunday, we saw the father at church and he thanked us profusely for the Spirit and the message which we brought. It’s moments like that which remind me how important it is to continually invite the Spirit into our lives. I think as a missionary I can take for granted the Spirit which is with us throughout the day, but when people point it out, it makes me so grateful that God has trusted us to be missionaries, and has given us His divine help with his Spirit.

Well, thanks again for everything! Love you all!

Elder Chase

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