Missionary Monday: Sister Sorensen In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

>Hey hey hey!

Como estan familia y amigos?? Me encanta mi mision y la obra esta progresando cada dia! Dios vive y la iglesia es verdadera! Que Dios les bendice con mucho felicidad y salud!

I can’t believe this transfer is already over! Time goes by way too fast. Luckily I’m staying in Kenner for another 6 weeks! If I could, I would stay in this area my whole mission. Maybe that’s just the greenie in me talking, but now I know the ward super well and I’m teaching piano (about 25 students) and I don’t want to suddenly leave them hanging someday. We’re also seeing so much progress and so many things start to blossom here, both with the ward and with the investigators. So yeah, here’s to hoping I get to stay in Kenner for another 15 months! But of course if I leave at some point, I will love that area too.


Lindsey’s District and a sister from the ward
So super cool thing of the week– Saturday was the 10th anniversary of the day Hurricane Katrina hit land, and man the NOLA pride is real! It was awesome because they made that day a city wide day of service, where they just had all kinds of service projects around New Orleans like building, painting, cleaning, gardening, etc. just to make the city a little bit better. Because let me tell you, there is still quite a lot to be done here. So much has been done already, but there are still so many broken and abandoned homes, run down schools, and areas that are still just trashed. It was so cool to see so many people come out and help and join together, regardless of religion, race, age, or anything, just to help out this city that we all love. We were helping at an old Baptist church painting the kitchen and then painting a house the church owned across the street. It was so fun to just do something different and serve people! We also met a bunch of awesome people who were just trying to help out too. I think in total there were over 10,000 volunteers city wide. They fed everyone lunch later, and then later that night there were more service events and speeches and stuff about the progress that NOLA has made. It was crazy seeing the pictures of Katrina again because now I recognize some of those places, but ten years ago, it was literally all under water. As part of all that, Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi spoke, which was cool just because they’re famous. Anyways, it just made me appreciate this area so much more and especially the resiliency and diligence of the people. I love Nawlins!!


Hurricane Katrina Anniversary Day of Service

Other super cool thing of the week– so randomly for almost 4 days our phone couldn’t receive or send any texts, which, as a missionary, is no bueno because people text us all the time about appointments or things like that. Also, we always text a bunch of people on Sunday mornings to remind them about church. We couldn’t do that on Sunday, so as we were going to church, we were super bummed because we didn’t think anybody was going to come. But nope. Satan may try to stop the work with breaking our phone, but Heavenly Father works so much harder because I kid you not, SIX of our less active families came to church. SIX. We’re lucky to ever get one or two! And also, TWO of our investigators came, neither of which had ever been to church! And one of them was William, the guy I talked about last week who is like Forrest Gump! He actually is English speaking so we had to turn him over to the English elders since he lives alone, which I didn’t really want to do, but it’s not like this is my work anyways. He went to the English ward, but it’s at the same time essentially as the Spanish ward so we got to talk to him in between classes and he was so happy!! He was just beaming and everyone loved him and he was making so many friends and AH! It was amazing! And all of this happened when we couldn’t even text them to remind them!! The church is so true people!

Other random tender mercies of the week– learning how to make empanadas with caramel, the beautiful 80 degree weather, finding 6 new investigators while tracting, playing with a 3 year old little girl named Dana (in Spanish it’s pronounced like Donna) who’s the daughter of a less active and having her say that we’re best friends now and that she would miss me when we had to leave for another appointment, Sister Guerrero’s jambalaya, when people actual keep their commitments and read pamphlets and the Book of Mormon, Sister Whitney’s homemade tortillas, getting the LDS music material shipped in so I have material to teach with, getting to play the organ in church on Sunday, letters from my cute siblings (seriously the best ever, shout out to Jess, Megan and Andrew for being the best siblings ever!), and so many more things! Miracles are everywhere!

Hermana Sorensen

Sister Sorensen is serving from the Daniels Park Ward. You can visit her blog by clicking HERE.

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