Missionary Monday: Elder Groom Serving In Brazil!

Here is a recent letter from Elder Groom:

IMG_0970 IMG_0974

Hey guys!

This week has been really good, its not the type of week where a ton of crazy stuff happened, or maybe thats because crazy is the new normal for me haha. We had a zone meeting and Elder Barbosa and Medina focused us on being ´´fishers of men´´. It was a very inspiring topic.
Elder Lorenzoni and I worked hard to begin the first week of transfers, it was cool that nothing changed since we didnt even notice it was a new transfer. It was super hot as always this week, but we are noticing more clouds in the skies these days at least, apparently the rainy season begins next month.
We have been working a lot with one couple thats progressing a lot. Diogo and his girlfriend Maisa. We have been teaching them to live the commandments, and we are seeing a great increase in their faith and desire to improve. We have their baptism marked for this Sunday.
One thing I noticed this week is how I knew nothing before I went on the mission!! Now everyhting is so clear like the purpose of things and its so cool, Im applying the gospel to my life more than I ever have before. I know Heavenly Father is proud of me despite my many imperfections. I Felt really well focused on the work lately, I do things and work hard out of my own desire rather than necessity only.
I love you guys! HAve a great week. I also added a pic of last weeks baptism.
Elder Groom
Elder Groom is serving from the Heritage Park Ward.

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