Missionary Monday: Elder Nilsson Serving In Twin Falls, Idaho

Here is a recent letter from Elder Nilsson:

Elder Nilsson pday service (1) Elder Nilsson in Shoshone Idaho fields Elder Nilsson in Shoshone Idaho

Hello Everyone!

What another great week in the Shoshone and Dietrich portion of the world! For those of you wondering, I’m doing awesome, full recovery from the E. Coli so that’s really awesome. I went down to twin falls this week to get some follow-up blood work done at the hospital, and they came back with the results that everything looked normal so I should be good to go! There’s been some rain, which of course made the farmers mad  since they always have to find something to complain about, and nice weather, and it was just a great week!
We had a wedding this week, for the mom (Danielle) and now step-father (John) of TW, the boy who was baptized a few weeks ago. They’re now the B. family, and John wants to get baptized as well, we’re just in the process of working on some addictions first, but he’ll get there. The wedding itself was just a simple ceremony at the church , performed by the bishop, who married them for time, but gave them the valuable counsel to make a goal for sealing in the temple, where they can be married for all time and eternity, which I thought was a great message.
Justin S., who is still hopefully going to be baptized October, has been super busy with cutting and harvesting so we haven’t been able to get a hold of him except that he did come to church, but had to leave after the first hour. Some people blow us off intentionally, but I think he really is just busy and he has a lot of desire to be baptized which is sweet!
We also had had some recent-converts move into our area from California, a couple named Trisha and Howard, and they are super cool, really solid in the church. They have been investigating the church for years and got baptized this July before moving out here, and seriously there are a huge amount of people who have moved to Idaho from California, which I’m guessing has something to do with cheaper living costs or something.
We do have to take our car in today to get a huge scratch on the side fixed (which no, I did cause, those dang past missionaries haha), so we probably won’t have a car for the better part of the week. But hey, at least we’ll catch some good vitamin D right?
I’m super excited to be staying in Shoshone for another transfer, lots of great things going on here and some super cool people! I hope y’all are having a non-depressing Monday!!
-Elder Nilsson

Hi Everyone,

Today’s email is late because we pretty much spent the whole day up to this point helping a family run cows, meaning we did all the fun stuff. The fun stuff of course being roping, vaccinating, de-horning, castrating, and branding them. As I said before, pretty much the worst day ever for a calf, right up there with butchering day. We were helping the Dalton family, who are pretty cool, and just spent the whole day over at their ranch helping out with the various jobs. Yes, of course I posted the pictures in the dropbox, so check ’em out if you want. Very legitimate cowboy stuff right here.
We had a baptism! Yay! Titan Ward’s baptism was on Saturday and it went incredibly well. The service was in Dietrich and it has been cool to see Titan’s step-dad, John, progress alongside Titan and hopefully we can set a date for baptism with him soon. He smokes and drinks a fair amount, so that’s pretty much his biggest barrier right now, but greater things have been overcome in the past and I’m sure he could make it. We should have another baptism coming up either at the end of the month or the beginning of next month for Justin Snedon, but yeah like I said last week, getting a hold of him is pretty hard during harvest season.
I may have gotten some food poisoning yesterday or Saturday, so that hasn’t been the greatest, but I’m sure it’ll pass soon enough. I haven’t really been significantly sick my whole mission, so I guess I’m due for something or to come up haha. A likely culprit may have been “diskotta” a kind of burrito/meat mixture that someone made for us, where you mix a whole bunch of meats and seasoning and fry it up on a disk from one of those great big harvesters, which was pretty good, but the sanitation questionable haha… I would say it was definitely worth the experience though!
Anyway it’s pretty much the end of P-day by now and I won’t be able to answer any other emails this week, but thanks for emailing me for all of you that do, I really appreciate it! have a great week!
-Elder Nilsson
Elder Nilsson is serving from the Daniels Park Ward.

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