Project Warm-Up

Recently the Highlands Ranch Stake teamed up with St. Andrew’s Church to collect warm items such as coats, hats, gloves, and sleeping bags for the homeless. Thanks to the generosity of both congregations, Project Warm-Up was a major success! Thank you to everybody!

We had a total of 116 adult coats donated.  They were donated to Denver’s homeless population. Distributed by St Andrews and St Paul’s.  We also had a total of 79 sweatshirts.

We had a total of 52 children’s coats donated.  Forty five of those coats went to the refugee children in Colorado.  They told us without churches like ours, the refugees would freeze this winter! She was grateful.  The other seven coats  went to low income families. Ninety percent of the children’s hats and gloves went to the refugees. Ten percent went to low income families.

We had a total of 150 diapers donated.  They went to Diaper Depot. They provide diapers to homeless and low income children

Ten sleeping bags. They went to Denver’s homeless. They were much appreciated before the most recent snow storm.

We also had 105 hats, 36 scarves, 82 pairs of gloves, 51 blankets. The members of the stake were very generous

We also had two pairs of boots donated.  One of the pairs of boots was a direct answer to an urgent prayer offered by a homeless lady.

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