Missionary Monday: Elder Palmer Serving In New York City!

Here is a recent blog post from Elder Palmer:

Bonjou Sak ap fèt?

Mwen anfom!

Ok, so I’m un New York, and I’m finally with real people. (My keyboard keeps trying to spell everything in french, so pardon m’y english.) M’y mission président is awesome! M’y Area is pretty cool too. I’m in Queens. The public transit here is amazing. I was totally surprised by how friendly the people here are. I was expecting everyone to just ignore me, but then to m’y complète surprise out of the blue half the people I talk to actually listen, and then a couple people actually completed me. I wonder if it will actually last.

Honestly I’m starting to view missionary work as a little mundane, I haven’t really been surprised by anything that’s happened, and all my needs are provided for. Unfortunately right now it just feels like I’m just going through the routine, and that’s not what I want. When In came into my area, we didn’t have any scheduled appointments, or investigators. We hit the streets, and dug through the people that were being taught three, or four weeks ago, and now we have found three people that are interested. I feel happy when I think about them, but honestly I feel a little useless since we’ve found so many people that are interested, but we keep sending them to other missionaries since they speak english.

New York is super cool though, there are actually people on the streets, and when you take public transit there are people too!


Something I experienced at the MTC was the sheer magnitude of miracles that can happen when you are exactly obedient, when you obey with exactness, and serve with all your being you are blessed in so many ways, and The Lord just pours out his blessings upon you. While I was at the MTC I had a tender mercy just about every other hour. Something else that I’ve observed is sometimes the experiences(/trials) that you have are because the Lord knows that you can handle that, even when others around you can’t. As I learned to see this, I could hardly stop laughing on the inside. I saw hundreds of things that happened to me, that were hilarious simply because they always happened to me and no one else, in a way Im seeing that in what is happening now. An example of a thing past though was my arm. Other than being in a little bit of pain, when I broke my arm, it didn’t really bother me at all, and now that it’s better, I can laugh about it.

I think one of the reasons why God wants us to be exactly obedient as missionaries is that we are representing Him, and he wants us to represent Him the way He really is, by keeping a set of His standards.

My biggest tender mercy this week was when someone came up to us at a bus stop, and just started talking. She was so receptive to our message, I just felt so priveleged to be there talking to her. We taught her while waiting for the bus, that’s one of the reasons I love NY! I was sad though when we had to hand her off to someone else since I am a creole missionary.

Also a funny thing, people’s English here is a little different, I can hardly understand it with my crisp mountain accent. The one time I felt the most comfortable with my ability to understand people this week was during a lesson in creole where we were teaching three different people. I actually felt like I understood their creole better than the english of the people I talk to on the street. The gift of tongues is real!


I am alive, and well, but still adjusting, and figuring things out, prayers are always welcome.

I send my love, till next time,

N’a wè!

Elder Palmer

Note: Elder Palmer’s senior companion is from Haiti, and his best language is Spanish.–(Madelyn Palmer)

Ben's NYC-S Mission Group Feb 2016

Newly arrived missionaries to NYC-South, with President and Sister Reynolds.

Elder Palmer, President and SIster Reynolds

Elder Benjamin Palmer with President and Sister Reynolds

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