Missionary Monday: Elder Brandt Serving In Ghana!

Here is a recent blog post from Elder Brandt:

This week we had plenty happen!

Wednesday – First every Wednesday, we have a meeting with our branch mission leader.  We have this meeting at the chapel. Something that is not uncommon, is we have goats get onto the chapel grounds. They will find holes in the fence and invite themselves to chill on the chapel grounds. (not to mention they poop EVERYWHERE). This last Wednesday as we were waiting for our branch mission leader, we had to sack all of the goats from the chapel. We had gotten all of them but one baby so far.  This baby was so dumb because we would chase it straight to a hole in the fence. It would run up to the hole, scream, and then run in a different direction. Eventually we cornered it and then I was able to pick it up, carry it to the fence and drop it over on the other side. It was actually pretty fun, and it is pretty funny to carry a baby goat while it is screaming.

Thursday – The day was pretty basic. Nothing interesting was really happening. That is until about 4 or 5 in the evening. As we were walking from one house to another, we notice there is a very old woman standing and watching us. That is not the weird part. The weird part is that she was wearing some sort of skirt and no top.  She even walked in front of us, stopped us, and started talking to us. It gets even weirder. As she was speaking, I could tell she was not speaking Twi.  Even though I do not fully understand Twi, I can tell when someone is speaking it. I am not entirely sure what she was speaking. Even, a younger woman was walking past us and as she heard the old woman talking she looked at her very weird. Eventually me and companion had to somewhat juke her out and continue walking.

Friday – This day was very good. We have one investigator that we have been teaching for some small time. Her name is Priscilla. Every time we teach anyone, at the end of our lesson we always challenge the person to pray and ask if what we taught them is true.  This Friday was our second time teaching her.  After we started, we followed up with her and asked her if she had prayed about what we taught her.  She said yes and then we asked her what the answer was that she received.  She said that when she prayed, that something was telling her on the inside that it was true. She also said the feeling she could not describe, and that God had not revealed it to her yet. Then we explained to her how God answers prayers through the Holy Ghost. Then we read with her Galations 5:22 which talks about the fruits of the spirit. Then she realized that the good feeling she could not describe, was actually God telling her through the Holy Ghost that yes, it is true.

Monday (today) – This morning we played a football (soccer) game with the missionaries in our district. (8 missionaries)   As we were playing, we had our bags on a bench right by the field.  Some of the small boys from the branch were there and they were watching us as we played.  Right as we took half-time, we noticed some commotion. There was a group of guys sitting by our bags. What the deal was is they were all drunk, and they were planning to steal from our bags. They told the small boys if they tell us, they will beat them. Well we found because of one of the boys named Earnest. After I had heard this I turned around to see one of the guys holding one of the boys Francis by the shirt, ready to beat him.  I started running over to them. As I was running I shouted hey at the guy, he saw me, and the pushed Francis away. At first he looked like he wanted to fight. But then as I got closer, he ran away. I was not to happy with those guys.  We hid the bags at a branch member’s house, then continued the game with the small boys so those guys would not disturb them again.  But as of now, Everything is good! Life is great!

I love you all! I hope you are doing well!

Matthew 5:14-16


Elder Brandt


Elder Brandt is serving from the Spring Gulch Ward. For more information, you can visit his blog by clicking HERE.

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