Missionary Monday: Elder Kreutz Serving In Barcelona, Spain

Here is a recent letter from Elder Kreutz:

Aight so nothing real super exciting has happened this week. A bunch of class, and a bunch of teaching mock-investigators. I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon like ka-razy too. It’s all good stuff, and i’m more or less kinda ready to get out into the field next week. This time next week, I’ll be in my first area but i think I’ll have all the dirty deets regarding address and stuff by Tuesday (I’ll get to email) so you can send me goodies.

Last thursday, we went shopping, and got churros and chocolate, that’s what all my pics are from this week. On Saturday we hit up the park again, and found some wonderful people to talk to. My comp for the park was a native Russian, who doesn’t speak a ton of English, so we prayed super hard that we could find some Russians that he could share the message with, and it worked! We found this Russian couple and got them a Book of Mormon and got their info so the missionaries in Russia can talk to them, God answers prayers, don’t ever forget it! This week we’ve been getting in the mode to go into the field, we take a train to Barcelona on Tuesday! I’ll have some more exciting news next week, but until then, know that I love all of you, and that your Heavenly Father superr loves you too! The gospel is good news, peace out fam

 Con Amor,
-Elder Kreutz
 Elder Kreutz is serving from the Highlands Ranch Ward. For more information, you can visit his blog by clicking HERE.


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