Missionary Monday: Sister Bright Serving In Lyon, France

So much happened this week I don’t even know if I can fit it into one
email! We went to Bordeaux on Monday night and then flew to Lyon on
Tuesday and saw Elder Christofferson and his wife.  Let me tell you,
they radiate the light of Christ.  Like it is visible and almost
tangible when you’re around them.  How can I be like that??

He did a Q&A with us and I mean how many times do you get to ask
questions to an apostle? Someone asked a question about justice and
mercy and he said something to the effect of “mercy allows you to be
put in a position as if you had never sinned.” I just really loved
that.  But it’s totally up to us to use that mercy through the
atonement.  We have the keys to open the door, we just have to use
them. He also said that the Book of Mormon is the key to softening any
heart and allowing the Spirit to touch them.  I have definitely seen
that in myself, that the more I truly study the Book of Mormon the
happier and more diligent I am.  What a wonderful gift we have.

I also got to see my wonderful MTC friends! They are all doing
wonderfully and it was so so good to see them all.  They have all ten
fingers and toes which is good to see. Transfers are also this week so
we’ll see what happens! Sœur Scruggs is going home so I know for sure
I’m getting a new companion, so lots more excitement!

I love all of you and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I love being a
missionary for Him in this beautiful country.  Have a good week!

Sœur Bright

The whole mission and Elder Christofferson

On a plane to Lyon and so ready for confluence weekend!
Sister Bright is serving from the Westridge Ward. You can read more about her mission by clicking HERE.

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