Castle Rock Stake Helps Refugees and Third World Countries!

In order to share some ideas what other stakes are doing to help others, we wanted to share what the Castle Rock recently did to help.

The Relief Society met together for a day of service. During this activity, they worked to put together several kits. Here is a synopsis of what they accomplished:
Clean Delivery kits – completed 100 kits and 63 baby blankets going to Haiti & Peru.
Feminine Hygiene Kits for Haiti – completed 40 kits.
Sweet Dream in a Bag – completed 72 bags.
Advocates for Children, completed 104 kits.
Pillow Case Dresses & Lace socks for Haiti school – Completed 50 dresses & 75 socks. (50 more dresses being worked on).
ESL Student Bags & school supplies, completed 124 kits.
Smile maker Toy Cars – completed 1600 cars.
Winter Clothes for Mongolian Children – filled 15 large packing boxes.
Letters for Injured Troops – completed 62 letters.
Way to go, ladies!!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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